I walked past this bizarre art exhibition in the mall. It still has the logo of the phone company that used to be there to the side.

Cyber monday, little lewd 

In more positive news I got to set up a display on the 100th year anniversary of the publication of this very emo poet's "Black feathers", the photo on the poster and some actual black feathers.

There's a Halloween theme jazz concert for kids at the library and I can't imagine a much better backdrop while shelving.

Is there any piece of popular fiction that takes place around Halloween? Something we're likely to have at the library that's not just in the fantasy section.

Maybe a Halloween turnip, as a connection to All Hallows' Day.

I need ideas for a small Halloween poster, with a bit of an explanation of what it is. Mostly thinking about what sort of public domain spooky things or illustrations I can use for decoration.

I finally asked my parents about the password to their Netflix account. Is there something I should watch? Mostly thinking about documentaries, sci-fi, funny short episodes.

The alphabet mostly makes sense to me, if only because of familiarity, but I always wonder why "M" comes before "N". Feels a little wrong that the double letter is first, unlike say "V" and "W".

California power outage 

In more fun work news I pitched this book that was returned 29 years too late to our social media editor:

Animal death 

Displayed a travel guide for the Philippines next to a map explaining how Magellan was killed there before circumnavigating the globe (his fault though really).

Cars, twitter link 

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