"Split infinitives, twisted gerunds and other abominations. A study in profane grammar."

Pet death (not mine) 

The University of Iceland features Rósalind the cat as well as the owl mascot on it's inner web today in memorian.
She was a regular at campus but died in November. Her owner didn't announce it until after the finals so as not to hurt student morale.


Dang, this was a tough one. The yellow squares were all the same two letters in every possible place but the right ones. Felt like I tried the whole alphabet.

Wordle 205 5/6


The Culture 

Look to Windward is the hardest story to involve that I would really want to because there aren't really any native special circumstances agents in it.

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The Culture 

Basically I'd make Cheradinine's personal story from The Use of Weapons as the metanarrative and cram him, Diziet Sma and Skaffen-Amtiskaw from the same novel into as many Culture stories as possible to have at least one familiar face in every storyline.
The final reveal of The Use of Weapons would be unfolding throughout the whole thing with occasional flashbacks in episodes centered on him.

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The Culture 

Thinking about how I'd adopt my favourite Sci-fi series of barely connected novels where only a handful share characters into a semi-coherent long-running TV series that wouldn't butcher it.

You could make a secondary game out of Wordle by guessing people's guesses if you know the word, based on the squares people post.

Had a secret santa at a friend gathering tonight (where we all got ourselves tested beforehand). I had a plan A for my friend of getting her a mecha model but that couldn't be arranged in time so I went with all the plans B:
A bottle of sake wrapped in an anti-war poster with a card that included a tinyurl to a dropbox folder called trans-cyberpunk with the pdf version of @irisjaycomics 's Crossed Wires.

I never did right it. Just propped it up by the wall and it kind of works. Cats have even left it alone. Maybe because it stings like hell:

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Wes Anderson has done a pastiche of modern Japan, inter-war Austro-Hungary and now post-war France. What will be his next homage? 80's Italy, the Spanish civil war? I don't think 1900's Scandinavia would be his style.

A new shape just dropped (in 2006). Ladies and germs it's the GÖMBÖC!
Only one stable point of equilibrium possible and just two in total! The only such homogeneous body known to man!

Cooking, US culture 

Watched a suggested youtube video that was actually very informative, on what the heck kosher salt actually is.
I'm always seeing it in US recipes and my hunch that it was just coarse flaky salt seems to be correct. Some of the stuff branded as kosher salt in the US apparently isn't even kosher (adding iodine is treif), it just describes the typology.
So now I can just use sea salt when American chefs insists on kosher salt.

We started making up names from the IKEA catalogue as a joke after seeing this meme but I think I might actually use one. It's better than the one I came up with for my character:

Peripherals making my hair turn gray and taking up like a 1000 man hours in tech support at work this week.
Ban computers, upgrade to a card catalogue next.


Even if all the shit they were saying was true, which it isn't, it would still just be democratizing finance in the sense that tech-literate upper middle class bros could partake in the same kind of shenanigans rich people with access to hedge funds, off shore accounts and tax lawyers can now.
In reality it would just become an even more effective tool for the rich to avoid taxation and regulations. It's an anarcho-capitalist utopia that would only further undermine a just society.

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The most annoying thing about cryptobros is when they think (or pretend) crypto is some kind of a democratizing or equalizing force versus traditional finance. "Everyone can earn x% on the less volatile coins".
First of all it's obviously unsustainable or at best early adopter advantages even if it doesn't collapse. Second of all the barrier to entry is always having the means to invest to begin with and not being a sucker that gets duped by the innumerable scams.

Whoever said not to bite the hand that fed you was obviously not a cat.

Why do social media sites refuse to let you type the username and password in the same window anymore?
Is it security or just another annoying UI trend?

14 stone? Yeah and I'm 5 sticks tall Mr. Caveman.

Outdoor cats bring home all sort of stuff, leaves, small animals, even clothes. Do something practical with this predatory instinct and train them to bring home cold hard cash. Turn them into real cat burglars.
It's the perfect crime.

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