A Russian biologist found a red haired seal pup in the middle of a colony of his haughty black furred compatriots.

Icelandic language trivia 

There's a type of bread in Iceland called "normalbrauð", and you'd be correct in guessing it's literally "normal bread". It's taken from Danish rather than English but still just means regular or standardized bread.


This will sound like the biggest hippster bullshit ever but when it comes to lager Faroese is my favourite. Their seasonal ones in particular. But the regular one is nice too.

Death, obituary 

I'm not often shaken by famous people's deaths but David Graeber was a big influence on my politics. Debt: The First 5000 years was eye opening and Bullshit Jobs has been on my reading list after I read a brilliant article based on it: theguardian.com/books/2020/sep

I was posting on the ebook library facebook page again, this time the Gothic novel "The necromancer", giving me chance to use an Icelandic neologism for that type of wizard from a crowdsourced project to translate RPG terms: Návaldur.
("Ná" as in relating to death and "valdur" as causing something, has a precedent in "dávaldur" which means hypnotist).

Then we walked past a smoky bay, through a shallow valley with neighbourhoods on either side and up another valley to my friend's house past a river that runs through town.

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Around the hill is an obstacle course for mountain biking with ramshackle bridges, improvised tree houses and the occasional rabbit nearby:

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Started by some WWII relics by a hill just outside the center and airport, bunkers, holes that were blown for fuel tanks and walled off groves that have been repurposed for occult ceremonies (or LARPers).

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Covid, USpol, climate change, everything is terrible 

California can't fight climate change caused wildfires because its gulag population is too sick from the pandemic sure is three different dystopias rolled into one : amp.sacbee.com/news/california

And secondly a Danish deserter who took over the country on behalf of an English soap merchant in the Napoleonic wars, declared independence from Denmark and reigned as a king for the dog days of 1809.
The captain of a passing English warship put a stop to it after a few weeks and he was later transported to Tasmania for gambling debts.

Icelandic history only has two figures that come close to being revolutionaries.
One is the last Catholic bishop, who tried to stop the reformation being imposed by the King of Denmark and by taking over the country. He managed to overthrow the other Lutheran bishop but was captured and executed just as he neared success.

My boss introduced me to the brilliant idea of putting frozen slices of citrus in carbonated water to both cool it and give it flavour. Means I have an endless source of improvised seltzer at work.

Icelandic summer night weather may not be good, but at least it's beautiful:

My coworkers have been going mad crafting stuff for Harry Potter's 40th (I know, I know) and are committed to besting a library up in the north that cribbed our social media strategy and just joined Tik Tok, causing much jealousy.

Icepol, fire 

Had our own mini-Grenfell fire. An old house owned by a temp work agency which housed way too many migrant workers for the space and exits burned down yesterday with the loss of three lives. The union and fire-brigade had been concerned for years and nothing was done. Our housing, employment and regulatory situation is obviously in shambles: grapevine.is/news/2020/06/26/t

Work, queer lit 

A coworker asked me to write about our selection of queer children's and young adult literature for the pride booklet.
Problem is I haven't read any of it except the comics. Still managed to find a diverse selection just by going from the ebook library, circulation numbers and the very incomplete subject headings.
Found a few by black authors which is appropriate considering pride's theme this year, but that isn't searchable at all so I had to go by covers with black protagonists.

Iceland doesn't have many statues of slavers and colonisers in obvious need of tearing down (although a few could be argued for) but there's a case for erecting new ones in light of the BLM protests: buff.ly/2YYzonx

As well as Juneteenth today is also the 105th anniversary of Icelandic women's suffrage and that of those who had no property to their name.
So solidarity and happy emancipation and suffrage!

Someone on a Sci-Fi Facebook group asked about Sci-Fi films and TV-shows where there were no cops or military. Not just as protagonists or sympathetic to them but none at all.
We could name films with restricted settings like Moon, Alien and The Quiet Earth but I can't think of any Sci-Fi series where there isn't at least some interaction with the repressive organs of a state.

I've only seen a handful of Red Dwarf episodes ages ago so I'm not sure but that's the best idea I have. Anything else?

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