Kind of wondering how useful this could possibly be. It's also very 2000ish teen on Deviantart.

Webpage help needed 

I'm looking at the Campaign's website and figuring out what we need to have there.

There's a news and event feed, an external link to our newsletter archive, a page on the board and now an English summary of our history and goals.

We need an Icelandic about us section, a form for joining as a member, social media and a page about our headquarters.

Should we have each a separate link on the front page menu or should I figure out drop down menus.

Very funny to me that the Æ that's supposed to be elvish or something in that Grimes-Musk baby name is a perfectly normal vowel in Icelandic and also what we say when something unfortunate or embarrassing like that name happens.
"Æ æ æ"

I named my first D&D character Thelonious Monk as a joke and my then DM was just getting it now 12 years later.

Every time I open a desktop app or menu on my Windows 8 laptop I'm filled with primal panic over not immediately seeing how to close it.
My rational brain tells me it's just bad UI design but my lizard brain is convinced I can never do anything again on my computer except use the calculator.

Coffee grinder question 

How frustrating are hand operated coffee grinders to use if you're usually just making a cup on weekends?

I'm at the point in the two popes where Benedict XVI distracts future Pope Francis I by making him watch my favourite Austrian police procedural featuring a dog lead.


They should nominated me as the minister for transportation of Minecraft.

"A nether portal in every town."

Bon Appetit 

Claire Saffitz: I don't know how they do crepes without non-stick pans.
Me: OMG, I can do crepes on non-stick pans!

Can't believe I have a pastry skill she considers hard. I mean we have specialized tools though.

To be fair I do all those things myself. But how do you know you're not the bad villager? That might be your animal cross to bear.

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To everyone complaining about their Animal Crossing neighbors, at least they don't build gigantic towers that block the sun, dig too deep and construct infernal machines that defy the very laws of physics like my Minecraft server neighbors.

If I want a cheap but reliable new laptop what's my best bet? I don't do heavy game stuff but I have a bad habit of having a hundred tabs open in Firefox.

Youtube link 

Watched this Philosophy tube video and it's nice but his impression of Roman Bernie Sanders, starting from here is hilarious:

Eurovision, youtube link 

Typical, the one year Iceland puts forth a song people actually like and predict will win Eurovision gets cancelled.

Love how BDG's Unraveled videos have slowly turned into commentary on late-capitalism.

Feels like this social distancing thing fits very well as the setting for an Icelandic contemporary work of fiction.
A 30's something guy is sent home from work, drives to the country and doesn't meet anyone for the duration of the story except for glimpses of a few eccentrics.
It's metaphor for alienation or something.

Texts in English are:
"Viscous walls"
"Your eyes like cheeses"
"Menacing calm or calming menace"

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