Icelandic news: "New eruption could temper inflation."

Average twitter user: "Lol Sauron in the Rings of Power trailer looks like a fucked up Eminem."

Me, having read the Silmarillion: "Look, there are very solid textual and thematic grounds for Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, looking like someone that sold drugs in middle school."

Are there any savoury uses for aquafaba? I'm not vegan but I saved it up, thinking I could bake something my allergic or vegan friends could eat before realizing I cooked the chickpeas with a bunch of salt and garlic and bay leaves.

Free sofa if you take the guy lying in it too. No, he will not stand up from it.

I was bored on this flight so I paid way too much for an internet connection. AMA.

Yesterday I learnt William Shatner starred in a horror film called Incubus in 1966 with a dialogue entirely in Esperanto when I was shown a clip of it as an introduction to the grammar of Esperanto.

Electric cars 

All those new electric car models that have started popping up here look so futuristic to me. They look exactly as if they were designed for a 00's film taking place in the 20's or 30's.
First real aesthetic change I've noticed in cars since all the new Toyotas started looking like they'd transform to decepticons.

My cats are getting more siblings, not that they know. It's a thrilling story actually. Their mom got knocked up again but disappeared right before giving birth, as cats are wont to do.
Her owners searched everywhere and alerted social media which worked because some neighbour found a bunch of kittens in his bed when he came back from a trip.
Now they're all safely home and I'm trying to convince my sister to adopt one.

Death mention, visiting Iceland 

Tourists are back which is nice for the economy and life downtown and as a sign things are getting more normal.
But with that comes tourists getting themselves in danger and even dying. An old man was swept out to sea yesterday on a popular but very dangerous beach. He's the fifth tourist to die there in seven years.
Please come to Iceland and if I know you I'd love to show you around but do be careful. If there's a warning sign it's there for a very good reason.

I went to an exhibition on a medieval battle (Örlygsstaðabardaga) on the way home. It had VR booths and some fun props:

Nightmare fuel, body horror 

I asked friends for prompts for that AI thing and then regretted it:

N-European culture 

Oh no, a long-time friend has admitted that being left without food in a friend's room while they ate happened to him. He did confirm that he was offered food at my place though. So maybe it's an affliction found in all N-European countries.
He did agree Icelanders would never charge for dinner parties like Swedes at least. On the other hand BYOB is less of a suggestion than a jealousy guarded commandment in all parties besides those explicitly not here (booze is expensive).

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Stove discourse 

He's very anti-gas stove which is funny to me. It has always felt a little scary to me but I thought it was quicker than regular electric stoves.
Apparently it's not except in truly inconvenient quantities and much less efficient. And some Icelanders that don't even have gas lines still put those things in their kitchen when they could just get an induction stove.

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Youtube link, kettle discourse 

This is a great video on the intricacies of water boiling.
Now I understand the kettle discourse. I have an electric kettle (which I use more for coffee than tea) plugged into my superior European plugs but the fastest I've ever boiled water was with an American kettle on an induction

No greater joy than watching your small black cat wrestling a piece of tortilla.

N-European culture 

And honestly I kind of suspect some of those stories from Scandinavia are the exception. I've heard plenty of weird stories about paying for dinner parties or potluck exclusion but not feeding kids has to be reserved for the most stuck-up, stingy and (judging by the posts) racist parents.

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