I'm so used to dealing with cats I start treating my sister's puppy like them. She doesn't respond to her name yet so I'm always going "pspsps" at her.

Football joke, Palestine, twitter link. 

Imagining English football supporters singing: "Free Palestine" to the tune of Sweet Caroline now.


Took some tourists for a walk downtown this morning and, as can be seen in my last boost, it was very eerie with the fog.

Every crypto entrepreneur seems to think that the point of all books could be better conveyed in a blog post or a podcast.
I was more aghast at this than them swindling a bunch of idiots out of billions, until someone pointed out that those guys are only aware of business, self-help and pop-psychology books. Actual scholarship, let alone fiction doesn't even register.
So fair enough, "The phrenology behind getting rich quick" can in all likelihood be condensed into a podcast.

The work party was opposite city hall and I think this could be the holiday greeting card from the city:

I need you to post more and keep me entertained on a boring shift. Wake up Americans, start tooting folks.

Er að fara að spila förumanninn Kattar-Tuma Ósvífsson í Call of Cthulu spili sem gerist í Móðuharðindunum.

Icelandic alt-history 

So the communists here never actually planned a revolution and it would always have been crushed by the British or Americans if asked by the Icelandic government.
Iceland would basically be Newfoundland if we had been occupied by the British after the the failed revolution of a Danish-British adventurer which actually happened in the Napoleonic wars. But Britain returned control to Denmark despite being at war with them. We weren't worth it.

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Alcohol, literature 

Stayed up to finish a book I reviewed for the library staff advent get-together this morning, where we drink hot chocolate with cream and Stroh and review books.
It was a great but depressing Icelandic sci-fi story. Glad to see the genre finally maturing here.
I also read a collection of alternative history scenarios, with some Icelandic ones. Whether there could have been a communist revolution here (no) or what would have happened after a British occupation in 1809.

Portuguese sounds like if you let a Slavic speaker make up a Romance language.

Pet peeve:
People linking to Wikipedia articles from their phones so I see the mobile site when I open it on a computer.

Human sacrifice 

I didn't specialize in the settlement period when I studied Icelandic history but from what I gathered there wasn't much known about pagan worship here. There's even speculation a lot of the settlers were already christian.
Maybe that's why I was a little shocked going to the Swedish national history museum and finding lots of evidence of Viking period human sacrifices.
I've never heard of them here, but that might just be for lack of evidence, or squeamishness in interpreting it.

Saw a rickroll just as Hexía came over and wanted attention so I started meowing 'Never gonna give you up' at her until she left.

It's that time of the year, when the houses migrate south. Was blessed to witness it last weekend at night.

My programmer friend was describing an online dating app that a company in the same building as his is working on.
"So like Grindr for heterosexual?" I replied.

In Iceland a popular McFlurry-like ice cream concoction is called "Bragðarefur" using the double meaning of the idiom "trickster fox" that can also mean "a fox of many tastes".
The person who coined that is this cartoonist's father and so she drew this to celebrate him, the ice cool neologism and the day of the Icelandic language which is today: facebook.com/163820550371975/p

Glad I found the official Icelandic transliteration guide from Ukrainian for an article I'm writing.
This is always the hardest thing about Cyrillic names. The rules are of course different from the English ones since they're supposed to be phonetic but even here not many are familiar with them. It can make it difficult to search for someone like Tsjajkovskíj at the library (take a guess).

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