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TREMENDOUS NEWS, MY DASTARDLY COLLEAGUES! We've got Queer Villain Pride flags BACK in stock, due to popular demand! AND we've got Near Perfect QVP pins, with only slight cosmetic blemishes, available at a discount!

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HEY Y'ALL, IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN MY STUFF YET: my name's d.egg! i draw sexy art and comics for queer folks to enjoy.

you can check out my backlog of art over on my old account at @distressedegg, or on my tumblr ( or twitter (!

my patreon is also at if you'd like to support me! thanks! <3


PATREON KINKTOBER: H IS FOR HIVEMIND. this was a REALLY fun CSP brush to play with. although i also just have more fun in general when drawing hivemindy stuff, tbh. but i'm sure i'm not alone in that...

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the downside to being a glamorous supervillain is that so many costumes tend to be hand wash only

there's a big-ass soccer game, i think the national finals or something, going on at CenturyLink stadium and we can hear the cheering from here even with the windows shut. you show me a massive gathering of people at a sporting event and all i see is a captive audience for supercrime shenaningans

...and this is a double-length $60 piece for ! I REALLY love how all the sketches came out this stream, rock on everyone!! (2/2, )

STREAM OVER! Thanks to for streaming with me, and to everyone who stopped by! These pieces are for @phenokage , @BestGirlGrace , @zetsubunny and @vyruem ... (1/2, )

Sorry, I couldn't hear you over all the maniacal laughter. and I are streaming tonight at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern! Art, music, sketch slots, PURE EVIL. Don't miss it!

PATREON KINKTOBER: G IS FOR GOOPY. nothin' like a little amorous non-newtonian twink action to spice up a quest

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PATREON KINKTOBER: F IS FOR FURRIES. eras come and go, empires rise and fall, cities are built and crumble into dust. but slutty foxes? slutty foxes are eternal

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PATREON KINKTOBER: E IS FOR EDGEPLAY. because my brain has been poisoned by shitposts, i still can't think of chastity cages as anything other than "dick jails"

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PATREON KINKTOBER: D IS FOR DOMINATION. did i get the idea for this pose from the one twink in Promare? nooooooo, why would you ever say THAT

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PATREON KINKTOBER: C IS FOR CAMMING. don't forget to like and subscribe!

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PATREON KINKTOBER: B IS FOR BONDAGE. floppy neck? short attention span? an inability to hold your hands at an extremely particular distance from each other? BUDDY, WE'VE GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

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It's been a grip since I've posted a piece from my subscriber site, so here's a reward for dealing with me yelling about Kickstarters for a week.

Support my work for only $5 a month via Patreon ( or through my shop (

( #mastoart #art #nsfw )

BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET BINGO, ROUND 3. The art hiding behind this board is by the Fediverse's own hometown heroine @fluxom_art , and it's a DOOZY. Which goal will we hit first? What devious delicacies will be revealed? Help support the Twitter thread HERE:

And make sure to back our queer demon erotica anthology! We've got 12 hours left in the campaign with just under $5.5K left to raise! WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! 🤘 😈 🔥

AND HEY QUICK REMINDER in case you haven't seen ANY of my other posts today: the LGBTQ+ demonic erotica anthology I helped edit, BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET, is in its final day of funding! Help us reach our goal! #nsfw #demons #kickstarter #lgbtq

We've still got BUFFOMET BINGO going on over on Twitter! Due to AMAZING RECENT DEVELOPMENTS (thanks y'all!!), we swapped out one of our bingo squares for a LIGHTNING ROUND goal of $18,000 pledged! That's only $712 away as of this post! Keep up with the thread here:

And make sure to back BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET on Kickstarter here! 19 hours left, under $7k to go! We can do it!!

UPDATE: GUESS WHAT WE HIT!!! next goal: 666 backers, baby

(queer demon erotica artbook! last day of the campaign! back now and help us get funded!

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