SPEAKING OF MAD SCIENCE: here's a piece i just finished for @phenokage , featuring their character Christine and @ReadingRidley 's character Keridwen!

just think of all the applications this research has outside the lab! if, er, these two can even GET outside the lab...

@distressedegg You do macro in ways that macro artists don't.

That sounds like nonsense when I put it that way.

You put a lot more thought into composition and framing and getting scale across than most artists, period, and you don't fall into the traps that people who only do macro stuff do. You keep it fresh and beautiful. Your macro is *real good* and I am always super happy to see it.
(I mean, yes, I am thrilled at almost everything you do *but still*. I have soft spots, okay.)

@Balina awww, thank you <3 i try to make all my commissions work as comic panels as well. it's always nice to hear that my approach is working out okay!!

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