I think this has been done before BUT a world where the superhero/villain scene is a kink thing. Traditionally, the hero is the top and "wins", though "gritty" pairs with villain tops are more common these days.

back in the 90s, there were a bunch of antihero types calling themselves switches, but come on

So much of it happens in abandoned warehouses because of the inevitable consent issues, and pulling off a proper bank robbery scene involves an awful lot of voyeurs

In addition to the usual "thing to put in holes" sex toys, super kink shops sell all sorts of macguffins to steal from each other, like remotes, self-destruct buttons, "ancient" gems and crystals, serums, and the like

Villains tend to work out timeshare arrangements because secret lair/sex dungeons are expensive, and there's only so many volcano islands to go around.

"Good help is so hard to find these days", I sigh loudly so I know my henches who get off on being bumbling can hear

There's a rise in villain/villain couples, but not a match in hero/hero ones, mostly because nobody's been able to figure out the logistics. Not to be confused with the league of evil/super team construct, which is more of a casual sex and occasional swinging arrangement.

Modemoiselle can achieve orgasm by monologuing about her giant mind control gun for half an hour. Bratty heroes will escape their trap before this happens.

this is also the dr. doofenshmirtz/perry the platypus dynamic, though I don't think they know this

More and more hero/villain couples tend to be monogamous or one hero/many villains these days- Super Friends and Legion of Doom type arrangements are less and less common.

"monogamous" can still include sidekicks and villainous right hands and henchfolk, of course.

I almost said "villainous number twos", which means something very different in this community

Aftercare involves a lot of sitting around the death ray, sharing food and nerding out over all the cool stuff the other one pulled off

Nursing each other's wounds, of course, and whatever it is you like to do to burn off extra hornt energy.

Depending on the arrangement and the level of kayfabe the sidekicks and henches like to keep, this might have the extra spicy "fraternizing with the enemy" element

Is it possible to be wistful for a ridiculously complicated sex lifestyle

@BestGirlGrace If it would mean having the time, money, and energy to pull it all off consistently?
*sighs dreamily*

@Balina Absolutely. When I was writing this thread, I kept going back to "Really, it would be amazing to have a big house full of friends who I could pay for their time and enjoy each other's company", and then "villain clothes that fit" and then "creative energy and commitment" and then all the cool horny stuff.


@BestGirlGrace@social.illegalpornography.com @Balina@cybre.space this is 100% the eternal fucking mood

@BestGirlGrace@social.illegalpornography.com @Balina@cybre.space also admittedly “wanting a complicated, comfortably antagonistic sex life but don’t have the money or time to actually put that into motion” is like one of the big reasons I draw smut, tbh

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace And that absolutely comes through in your work. There's a certain brand of comfort that only really works if the person drawing it is giggling or sighing wistfully when they're drawing it.

@Balina@cybre.space @BestGirlGrace@social.illegalpornography.com someday I’ll be loaded, organized and brain-wasp-free enough to actually pull off some kind of kinky villainous soirée. Until Then: Drawing Time

@Balina@cybre.space @BestGirlGrace@social.illegalpornography.com (also that’s very kind 💜)

@distressedegg @Balina I was wondering when you'd find this thread! You're an inspiration for the whole lifestyle villainy thing and nailed the Evil Queers Bein' Pals aesthetic.

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