Next time the boss is late to our morning meeting, I'm gonna sit in his chair, twirl around when he gets here, and say "I've been expecting you"

the villain one, I imagine a field of black, split with a brilliant lightning bolt, its many shades representing the villains who made it possible.

heroes, probably a big ol star and bright colors and whatnot i'm designing this btw rough draft? might refine later

@Balina @distressedegg @BestGirlGrace my only complaint is that idk how to make a cute friendship bracelet with that pattern right now

Follow yeah it needs some streamlining. lemme hit it again after i'm done with work

@distressedegg @fluxom_alt @Balina Oh, hell yeah

the lightning bolt is a classic symbol of villainy, to the point where bystanders willing to be kidnapped, brainwashed, or otherwise made the target of horny crimes will wear them on their clothes or put a handkerchief in their pocket

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