Y'ALL ASKED FOR THEM, SO I'M MAKING THEM. Preorders for hard enamel pins and nylon flags are now available in the brand new DistressedEgg Gumroad Store!

I'll be taking preorders for these for a month and then producing the products in late August. Please share this cool stuff with your fellow partners in crime so that we can get it actually made!!

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WONDERING WHAT THE HELL "QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE" IS? Here's a handy little write-up summarizing the ideas behind the flag's design:

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@distressedegg oh heckkkkk definitely gonna try to spring for that big flag, no apartment lair is complete without one

@minty_da please do! BIG SECRET: one of the big reasons i'm making them is because i super wanted one for myself, lmaoooooo

>"A manifestation of the slogan "be gay, do crimes"


@distressedegg when I was reading this I felt like I was a cishet who could only cheer from the sidelines but then I realized I've never been straight and as of recently I'm no longer cis

@distressedegg this is sick. gotta commission me an avi with this in it

@distressedegg on top of a killer product being advertised, these flyers themselves look rad as hell

@phenokage thanks!! tried to channel a little Designers Republic energy for them, lol

@distressedegg Your timing on this is amazing, since I just got paid and my mental health budget has room for this. I'm in. :blobyeengrin:

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace look if they're gonna tell kids that only villains get to be queer, what else are the queer kids gonna turn to for identity but bombastic villainy? :blobyeengrin:

@LexYeen @distressedegg @BestGirlGrace Honestly, I blame Disney for this, really. All of Disney's best characters were villains, and most of them queer-coded villains at that!

@distressedegg god i need to remind myself that this is going on when i get paid on the 1st

@Frinkeldoodle OOH write it backwards on your forehead so you'll remember every time you look in the mirror

I think I'm going to have to buy some pins. The design is rad, after all.

@distressedegg I might get one of these. They look rad as fuck, and I know just where I'll put it

@distressedegg I've made acoustic panels, 3 so far, that are designed for flags to feature on their faces. So far I have the black/red anarcho-socialist flag, the black/pink anarcho-queer flag, and a... Borrowed American flag hung upside down. My only regret is that there's not enough wall space in my room for another flag, but I think I'll be able to sort it out.

@Anarkat oooh, nice! and dang, i gotta get me an anarcho-queer flag myself, thanks for reminding me!

@distressedegg I made it. It's support easy. Take two yards of pink cloth. Two yards of black cloth. See them together along the long side. Cut into a 3ft by 5ft rectangle.

That's how I made mine. Soon I'm going to stencil this design onto its face

@distressedegg need to wait til I get paid in a couple days but am excite!

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