Y'ALL ASKED FOR THEM, SO I'M MAKING THEM. Preorders for hard enamel pins and nylon flags are now available in the brand new DistressedEgg Gumroad Store! gumroad.com/distressedegg

I'll be taking preorders for these for a month and then producing the products in late August. Please share this cool stuff with your fellow partners in crime so that we can get it actually made!!


WONDERING WHAT THE HELL "QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE" IS? Here's a handy little write-up summarizing the ideas behind the flag's design: pastebin.com/FzgMgQHA

>"A manifestation of the slogan "be gay, do crimes"


@distressedegg when I was reading this I felt like I was a cishet who could only cheer from the sidelines but then I realized I've never been straight and as of recently I'm no longer cis

@distressedegg this is sick. gotta commission me an avi with this in it

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