apparently on social media the word "oof" now can mean "this makes me horny" as well as "my sympathies" and "this is a particuarly repulsive thing to say" and, hey, i love that English is a constantly evolving and growing language, but this is officially way too many totally disparate meanings for a three-letter word that isn't a cuss

@distressedegg (for real tho i had no idea it meant anything other than like an exasperated sigh)

@pico @distressedegg Oh! The roblox death sound as "oof"? I can see that for sure

@distressedegg new rule, number of meanings must be strictly < number of letters

@distressedegg oh god fucking dammit I oof at shit all the time don't make this harder on me, internet ;;

@distressedegg See, I didn't even know about some of these, and now I'm reconsidering some past "oof" replies

@distressedegg I'm trying to put everyone in some kind of hive mind, but it's slow going

@distressedegg @Ficus okay but now it's also off and oaf
this problem got bigger

@fluxom_alt @Ficus @distressedegg As a professional *oof, I find this all very confusing.

lewd implied 

@Ficus @distressedegg "Hey, so, uh, y'wanna oof?"
"I caught those two oofing in the living room!"

lewd implied 

@kithop @distressedegg there are cusses for so many things, why do people so regularly make new cusses just be fuck.

lewd implied 

@Ficus @distressedegg I think it's because 'fuck' has already been spread so thin as a multi-purpose catch all, so it's easier to make the leap back the other way from 'general purpose' -> 'the "original" (?) meaning'.

@distressedegg I think you can use it interchangeably with "I feel that", which I guess makes its own kind of sense? Hence going oof. The feeling has hit you hard as well.
This doesn't excuse it, because that saying is precisely as open-ended, but it's 2:30 in the morning and I am typing words.

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