esteemed colleagues, the discussion topic of the day is "can you force-femme people who are already girls? and if so, how?" i eagerly await your thoughts

@distressedegg I don't think I have a whole lot more to say than to parrot what you and ash have already said in this matter tbh

@distressedegg yes, that's basically bimbofication/princessification/etc

@distressedegg see i’m just imagining secbird!Iris, Lo and Behold, Princess Grace, and Astra all sitting at a table in a fuckin conference room talking about this

@distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni In case you're serious don't forget that Lo is like 3ft tall and Behold is half that (also I'm disastrously excited)

@distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni That guy on the far left is gonna be part of a demonstration whether he likes it or not

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg @BestGirlGrace @vidi_victa_veni *intern voice Ladies and Graces, your coffee is here, and all the shareholders have been graced, the company is yours now

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg @BestGirlGrace @vidi_victa_veni the best way to neutralize an enemy is to make them a friend...

I believe in the business that's called a merger... in more ways than one it seems

@Breakfast @fluxom_alt @distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni Grace doesn't like coffee, so the cups sit unused while all the fresh twins explore their bodies on the conference table.

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt @distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni I'm not sure I like the sound of that but it's above my paygrade

they'll be in right away ma'am

@distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni I just wanna back my bicycle up to the this post again and say that a) I love that Grace has the sparkles and b) I love the way Ash looks and wanna draw a full design off that

@fluxom_alt yes!!!! i would love to use this as a base for like a Prototype Ash if you wanna draw it for cash money

@vidi_victa_veni watch out here I come out of my art cave, ready to draw robot girl

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni That's how you know she's ✨ Grace Prime✨ , after all.

... that's a pretty good convention, I gotta remember that.

@vidi_victa_veni @distressedegg
PRINCESS GRACE: "Of course you can." And then I kiss Lo until she sprouts a princess dress and a tiara


Sure. Take a butch lady and stuff her into a frilly princess dress, do her makeup, etc.

I think there may be a level of inherent femminess that makes one invulnerable to force-femmification, though. "Force-femmed Rainbow Dash" makes sense, "force-femmed Rarity" is a no-op.

@distressedegg I would believe so. Using lots of pink and lace/chiffon/taffeta would likely be involved.

@distressedegg ahem
yeah duh
girl is a sliding scale, therefore More Girl

@distressedegg (it's not a sliding scale but like, it is a mishy mashy thing and therefore there isn't a endpoint of girl, you can just keep turning the knobs labeled "girl" and looking back to the audience like a contestant on the price is right)

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