the b+w pattern jiggle optical illusion is actually a cognitohazard engineered by puriteens that's going to snow crash all our problematic porn consumer brains when the final, fatal image featuring it is released, codenamed "GILGAMESH ASS"

@distressedegg I really need to finish reading Snow Crash, thank you for reminding me. This one's for you, VALIS!

@distressedegg joke's on them, cognitohazards are one of my kinks and I've built up an immunity. :blobyeengrin:

@distressedegg friendship with Gilgamesh Ass is over

Rear Endiku is my new best friend.

@distressedegg also lord it was hard to even figure out what that WAS at first because I was primarily seeing them from Japanese artists and usually on my desktop

And while I love to see a cool jiggle illusion, I'm not about to pick up my entire monitor and wiggle it around.

@ComputerHusband when i frequented the SA forums there was a very popular image macro of a man lifting up a monitor and going 8D at it, and i wish i could find it now for this exact purpose

@distressedegg god SA sucks but then you remember the good things like groverhouse or lowtax freaking out about piggy poop balls or something and


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