it's been nearly 2 years, so with 's blessing I'm relisting the "You Don't Have To Be Hypnotized..." Korps mug on a Zazzle Designer account, so I can start seeing a little money from it. if you haven't bought it yet, Zazzle's doing a sale!

i didn't initially set them up as a thing I could collect revenue on, btw, because I didn't expect them to sell for longer than, like, three days after I initially posted that comic page. How Very, Very Wrong I Was

anyways. if you've got a lot of hot liquid you need to hold close to your face, and you'd like to communicate to other people that you're a kinky fucker at the same time, please consider: this mug

@distressedegg Can attest! Mug works great for hot and or cold and or lukewarm beverages! Perfect for all your kinky drinking needs!

(Side effects may include loss of motor control, urges to submit, a need to serve, and 'intoxication')

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