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incidentally, in case you missed them, here are Ask Sybil pages 1 and 2! And the promo image, because i still like it.

OBLIGATORY CREDIT POST: the setting is 's, natch. characters in ?S #1 and #2 belong to , and . Characters in ?S #3 belong to , and @ReadingRidley .

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ASK SYBIL #4: "outfit". if there isn't a lesbian scientist novelty tee out there that says "SCOPIN' 4 CHICKS", then i'm making one. alexis and the in general are's, natch

FIX up LOOK shaaarp:

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ASK SYBIL #5: "restraint". remember, kids: a shot of super-estrogen a day keeps the tool of the patriarchy away. featuring everyone's favorite horny fightbot in that third panel

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ASK SYBIL #6: "cooking". if you're GOING to eat an experiment and you don't want to get Last Of Us'ed, at LEAST stick to the ones marked "CONTROL"! sheesh!!!

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ASK SYBIL #7: "upgrade". we're not talkin about THIIIIS or THIIIIIIIIS, we're talkin about THIIIIIIIIIIS

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ASK SYBIL #8: "success". *points real hard at Wrestlemania sign*

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ASK SYBIL #9: "weirdest". nobody blows THAT much grant money on ginning experiments to give them the results they want, and then uses those experiments on themselves, WITHOUT the whole enterprise being at least mildly A Sex Thing

the is 's. Le Redacteur definitely isn't @outsidewolves , who is a brilliant artist and a delightful person and has not committed any audacious supercrimes

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@rockario in a universe where furries have always existed, I imagine the concept of tails would be weird from an evolutionary perspective

@distressedegg "Chaotic horny" *chuckles*
I often referred to myself as "chaotic playful" when asked about my alignment. Now it's more "Neutral sleepy".

@distressedegg i don’t think i told you this when you posted it on patreon but i fucking love the tailor irises

@hierarchon i still need to do a story about them sometime. the short version of their backstory is that they were once part of a big hivemind, but their manufacturer went out of business and shut down the servers, and proprietary DRM has made it exceedingly hard to relink back up. every surviving Iris model is sort of their own person now as a result. these three stick together because it's nice to know someone who's been through the same weird experience as you

@hierarchon every hivemind fucker just assumes they'll be cutting edge forever. what about obsolescence? what about maintaining legacy technology? what about the machinations of capitalism? there's so much more story potential there to explore

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg @hierarchon look, we all love Adder Industries and all that, but: what if they went bankrupt. what happens next

@irisjaycomics @distressedegg @hierarchon I actually have a note to address this, and comments on other drone-making corporations wanting to kidnap adder drones to steal their tech, and

@distressedegg @hierarchon well delete and repost and i'll reply to that and pretend nothing happened

@distressedegg @hierarchon internet paleontologists are gonna unearth this comment in 10,000 years. "Finally," They'll mutter. "We've found the missing link."

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon anyways that's a fun idea. maybe, similar to a lot of car companies, rivals design drones with base parts and code that are compatible with other companies, so that they can buy components from the same suppliers and then add their own detailing to target different specific consumer demographics

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon i've been watching a lot of car videos recently and i've been thinking about robots since uhhh forever

@distressedegg @hierarchon people in 20XX taking to the internet like 'damn I don't wanna participate in society, I wanna take aftermarket tools, code, and surgery machines and go make a hivemind commune of gay witches up in the mountains'

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon ohhh maaan imagine if you could jack a proxy spare body into the work-sponsored hivemind to be real boring and do routine stuff while you play hooky and do gay shit

@distressedegg @hierarchon see that sounds fun but the stench of capitalism makes me think that what we'd get is a shitty Droned As A Service gig economy thing

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg

Yes...but you could also make that kinky...

Capitalism in real life: NO, bad, this sucks
Capitalism as framing for drone kink: Weeellllllllll...

@distressedegg @hierarchon Every day I wake up at 8 am, clean out the various black box tech that's been shoved into he back of my skull and spine, and then go to work as a literal corporate drone for hire via phone apps. I make 10 bucks an hour, and work through four different companies, but somehow I think all this gig is getting me is a ragged body and a burnt out cyber link.

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@distressedegg @fluxom_alt @hierarchon consider: aftermarket, reverse-engineered hive mind servers that's better or worse than the original

imagine if, right before they pulled the plug, someone pulled a City of Heroes and set up a secret hive mind base in their basement with stolen source

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt @hierarchon oh my GOD there's just a cell of like a dozen Irises somewhere out there who are still linked up as if nothing happened and once all the others find out they're SO PISSED

@distressedegg @fluxom_alt @hierarchon "Oh, yeah, and we put out a patch to fix that annoying overvolt you get in your neck. Did nobody tell you about the secret server?"

@distressedegg @hierarchon

The intelligences spawned microseconds after the initial intelligences spawned in the singularity will be orders of magnitude more powerful than the first generation, and so on.

It will be awful.

death mention 

@distressedegg @hierarchon


I know extroprians. There is nothing about them that is remotely sexy.

One of them died alone (because he was a horrid libertarian on top of being extroprian) and rotted for two weeks in the summer heat before the sheriff's deputy found them

His ALCOR freeze your head bracelet was worthless.

@distressedegg I don't think I quite noticed the look on Alexis' face for The Outfit. I'm sure she gets tired of people requesting it over and over, and someone actually *hating* it has got to be a novelty.

@Balina oh, i just figured she keeps issuing it to people because she's super horny for it,

@distressedegg That is... also probably super fucking likely, now that you mention it.

@Balina cons: it's tactically useless, provides zero protection or storage space, and draws attention literally anywhere

pros: u get to see the bobbies

@distressedegg is super estrogen a kind of estrogen formulated to work on the hyperactive biology superheros tend to have, or is it estrogen that produces results far quicker than normal estrogen and does things like induce vocal changes?

trick question, it's both

@vidi_victa_veni Really Extra Concentrated Mega Estrogen For Force Femming And Impatient Transes

@distressedegg @vidi_victa_veni Getting a shot of RECMEstr and the boobs pop out like some kind of fetish pic

@distressedegg I really hope you saw me melting down over on the Korps server at realizing I was unable to parse things that were staring me in the face. :heart_cyber:

Balina fills in context 

So, uh. Despite the fact that I'm subscribed to the Patreon, and the fact that I actively commented on the post when it went up a month ago, I didn't actually parse that the very large lady there was Dahlia. *Somehow*

There was a post I made on April 11th, where I was asking myself if I could really get away with making the Korps variant of Dahlia like twelve feet tall:

The original appearance of that particular Ask Sybil above was on April 18th, one week later. Not only did I not even start to parse that I was in this one, but I made comments about "huh maybe I should adjust Dahlia, she's closer to Sybil than I realized" on the Patreon post.

This was probably funnier on the Discord, where I just had a public blue-screen at the realization.

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