BIG NEWS FROM THE D.EGG STOREFRONT! TL;DR: flags are back in stock, we're taking pre-sales for another run of face masks and a special limited run of trans-pattern QVP masks, and combo packs are their own separate thing in the store now.

QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE FLAGS! Decorate your home, your front porch or your body with one of these bright, durable nylon flags! Some people message me saying they're surprised at how big they are when they show up. Yes, they REALLY are 3 feet x 5 feet.

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FACE MASKS! Stay safe and stylish with this comfortable cotton face mask. I've got a second run of them on the way, but these things sold like hotcakes the first time around, so make sure to reserve yours now if you haven't gotten one yet.

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TRANS QVP MASKS! You asked for them and we heard you! These face masks feature a mashup of the QVP and Trans Pride flags, and are limited to an exclusive run of 100.

All proceeds from Trans QVP Face Mask sales will be donated to the Washington Black Trans Task Force.

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COMBO PACKS! Can't decide what to get? Then pick up one of these discounted package deals on QVP merch, and express your sinister style any way you want!

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DON'T KNOW WHAT QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE IS? Read our info page here: Stay villainous out there! 💗🧡💚💜🖤

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@distressedegg (it charged separate shipping for each one weirdly but hey, masks!)

@AzureHusky that's.... weird. it shouldn't do that. i'm gonna send a help ticket to gumroad about that

@AzureHusky oh my god WAIT YEAH YOU'RE IN CANADA I'M *DEFINITELY* SENDING A HELP TICKET ABOUT THAT. were you able to select a quantity on the store page?? there should be a little bit of shipping cost added for extra items but not THAT much

@distressedegg on mobile it didn't give me a quantity so I had to add each to my cart separately

And thank you!! If the shipping could be reduced that would be nice but I'll order either way

@AzureHusky ugghhh this might be a mobile thing, I'll let you know if they get back to me. in the meantime I can refund you the extra shipping cost via PayPal if you're down with that!

@distressedegg thanks so much! I'm happy to wait and see what they say first: if they refund the shipping I don't want you to have to deal with sending and receiving PayPal stuff unnecessarily! I appreciate you asking them and offering and if they don't fix it then yeah I'll take you up. Thanks 💙

@AzureHusky @distressedegg Peeping in on this because I also want some of these items and am also in Canada

@distressedegg thank you! You rock as always. I look forward to a few months from now getting to have a trans villain polycule pic


Thank you for these, so excited to get one for ourselves :3

@distressedegg ahhh just in time for me to encase my lappy in stickers

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