one of these months when i'm feeling really bold i'm just gonna make one of the patreon themes "fan art but only for my friends' work and also it's not necessarily porn"

@distressedegg I think that is a really cool idea and think you should do that.

@distressedegg I mean, the last time you did a "fuck it this is me-time month" option it went great.

@Balina @distressedegg Yeah, isn't the point of patreon that you get to be paid for doing you?

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace @phenokage @ComputerHusband Throw that shit up on the next vote and be amazed at how hype we get for it.

@distressedegg @Balina @phenokage @ComputerHusband if i were one of your patreons, and i am, i would simply trust your unimpeachable taste.

@distressedegg I'm pretty sure you could make this all four options on a monthly poll and nobody would think twice about voting for it.

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