FROM THE PATREON: look, retail is soul-crushing, a little frisson of secret terror can really jazz up a tedious closing shift

blue light special on aisle 4! subscribe today:

@minty_da i realize they're not like 100% photo accurate, i was just toying around with a rope brush in CSP lol

@distressedegg ohhh no i was just gonna say it looked like it took wayyyy longer than your patreon stuff usually does in streams! but that makes sense

@minty_da OH okay lol. yeah there's a brush for it in CSP! i want to play around with it more in the future, lol

lewd self 

@distressedegg one time i went out shopping with someone wearing a mask (as a fashion thing, this was before covid)... and a ball gag under it

@distressedegg Hey, Iris, the X-ray effect and the tattoos on this one especially rule

@BestGirlGrace thanks! i LOVE incorporating tattoos onto characters, i ought to do it more often

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