Props to Sunstone for having a will they or won't they romance arc where the girls are banging from like page 5 but there's some ambiguity about whether they'll say "I love you" for like 300 pages

Like I won't say the comics are perfect by any means (certainly the fact that everyone is skinny, traditionally pretty, abled, and white (except for one tertiary Black character) sucks) but for a comic series focused on a sapphic romance written by a cis man/woman couple, it was more enjoyable than I expected

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I do wish more BDSM romance stuff would stop with the "Dom owns enough space and gear to rival Bezos' net worth" tropes. They handwave a bunch of it away in Sunstone (including just blatantly saying the Dom is terrible with money and sort of a Kink Hoarder) but still.

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@AzureHusky as a pornographer, i get why this is, because you want to flex your drawing chops and get a nice variety of situations and setups in the mix. as a kinkster myself though, ahahaha, ahahahahahahaha, holy shit, how does Allie just HAVE latex outfits that perfectly fit Liz, what the fuck,

@distressedegg holy shit RIGHT? The amount of latex clothes she owns at all--ignoring the size issue--is, like, at least a year's salary. It's fucking baffling.

And the size issue is addressed by the fact that in the Sunstoneaverse all women have basically the exact same body type

@AzureHusky Stepjan Sejic has A Type. and i won't shit on straight dudes for having A Type or for drawing better-than-average erotica about That Type, and to be clear i LIKE Sunstone quite a bit. but oh man, what i wouldn't give to get Sunstone but for broke genderqueer folks

@AzureHusky "You can just move into my big house with me, Liz! We may have only known each other for two weeks and our relationship is mostly built on kink, but it's fine!"

me, reading this: this is a fantasy comic

@distressedegg hahahaha yes fucking fair. My suspension of disbelief for romance is easier to engage than my suspension of disbelief for economics I guess

@AzureHusky i mean, same. it's got that good good unrequited lesbian pining!!! and also a dom character who's a fallible human being, which like you NEVER see!!!

@distressedegg @AzureHusky (fundamental for my own personal growth tbh. I'm Ally, pretty much.)

@millenomi @distressedegg @AzureHusky oh god, same. Stepjan writing Ally as a multidimensional person who's excitable, occasionally fragile, and scared of fucking up did a lot for my domme impostor syndrome.

and i thought, when someone recommended Sunstone to me, that i wouldn't get much out of it because i was lesbian but not kinky 😂

@millenomi @AzureHusky @vyr okay i'm gonna clean this up and look into making this an ACTUAL merch item then, lol

@distressedegg @millenomi @AzureHusky @vyr i'm not even a dom/me but if you want help vectorizing this.. 🤍

@flaplette @millenomi @AzureHusky @vyr please god not this shitty sketch version, let me at least do a nice version with proper typesetting first. but after that: color me intrigued

@distressedegg oh of course! I clean up as I go since it's kinda "tracing from scratch but with shapes" but feel free to poke me on discord or here and i'll do it up as an svg, gratis

@distressedegg @vyr @millenomi thanks for having me tagged in this both because it's awesome and now I'm finding out who a bunch of tops are with no work of my own so it's like I won the lottery

@distressedegg @AzureHusky @vyr @millenomi didn't have the spoons to read through the whole thread but uhh??? This is really good and relatable and funny

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