PREORDER TIME! We've got some neat new D.Egg merch comin' atcha! Place your orders now, help get these new items made and we'll send them out to you on October 30th.


FIRST OFF: A lot of you asked for them, so we finally made them. Presenting QUEER VILLAIN PRIDE embroidered patches! These sturdy fabric patches have an iron-on backing, making it easy to add a fashionable accent to any evil ensemble!

NEXT: Just because you take control some of the time, doesn't mean you're in control all of the time. ANXIOUS DOMMES SOCIAL CLUB patches are the perfect addition to any mildly maladjusted mistress's wardrobe. These also include iron-on backings!

And if your tastes lean more towards the smooth and non-porous, we've also got ANXIOUS DOMMES SOCIAL CLUB vinyl stickers up for preorder! Perfect for water bottles, computer cases, your subs' foreheads, or whatever.

There's also a ton of other neat items in the Iris Jay / D.Egg storefront right now, including comics, stickers, pins, facemasks and more! Get some COOL STUFF and help support independent queer smut.

Ohhh SHIT look what just showed up!!! These stickers look REALLY nice. And so big, too!

they're HEEE-eeere....

folks who preordered can expect their orders to go out in the next few days! and for any of you who were THINKING about ordering, you can nab these babies in my online store!

Stream over! Thanks to for co-hosting and to everyone who showed up! <3 Sketches are for @websterleone (featuring @jaidamack ), , @phenokage (featuring @ReadingRidley ) and @Pathia !

got the sample in for the QVP patch and OOOOOHHHH SHIIIIIIT it looks good. LOOK at that crisp bright color. LOOK at that sexy detailing. the PERFECT addition to any fabric-based clothing item or accessory. preorder now!

UPDATE: got the sample in for the Anxious Dommes Social Club patch and it looks incredible! LOOK at that DETAILING! Command the respect of your subs and the sympathy of your fellow dommes with this super slick iron-on patch, now available for preorder.

SLIGHTLY TRAGIC UPDATE: due to COVID-related production delays, it currently looks like the patches won't be arriving until early November. Don't worry, though-- we're planning on fulfilling everyone's orders by November 13. Thanks for your continued patience, everyone! <3

(Incidentally, the stickers are still on track to be shipped out by October 30th. If you ordered a sticker and a patch, or a patch along with any other merch, I'm waiting until the patches get here to ship your order out to save you extraneous postage costs.)

@BestGirlGrace the moon has always been gay, but it's time we made it official

@distressedegg these came out incredibly well, just pre-ordered both 🤍

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