TONIGHT! 8pm ET/5pm PT! Join @korpspropaganda
and yours truly for an evening of mirth and mayhem. I'll be working on a Patreon piece and opening for a few sketch slots! Come on down, it'll be fun.

OKAY, TAKE TWO. Last night was postponed due to Internet Fuckery, so we're trying this again.

Tonight! 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific! I'll be streaming art, taking sketch slots and shooting the shit with y'all, barring any catastrophic internet fuckups. Featuring special guest @korpspropaganda!


Stream over! Thanks to and to everyone who showed! Sketches are for (feat. @Balina 's character),,, and @Railrunnah

@distressedegg The Cow Tools prompt is PARTICULARLY good, you get the most interesting sketch commissions!

@Ferrovore I’m glad I’ve fostered a little following with people who are like “oh hey it’s stream night and I’ve got $40 to chip in, let me get art of my extremely horny character making a silly little joke”

@distressedegg shit, that's some good cowtools, I need to get my own cowtools

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