re: the No Gunfuckers clause in the QVP writeup: if you can’t imagine queer liberation that doesn’t involve firearms, then maybe your imagination isn’t as good as you think it is

gun violence 

the country in which I live wants us to think putting lethal force in the hands of anyone who wants it is always a tidy solution to problems. and yet, public shootings are rampant, and an entire political faction of unhinged fucks hoard guns to blow away anyone who might present them with Scary Ideas. we live in a gigantic standoff, 24/7, and the ur culture wants us to believe the only solution is picking up a gun ourselves. why the hell do you think I’d want more of THAT??? Like, EW

QVP isn’t a radical political faction or some shit, it’s a bunch of kinky queer fuckers who like comic books. we’re not going to perpetuate stupid-ass patterns of fear. not with any image I designed, anyways. call me a bleeding heart armchair pansy all you like, at least I can get off without sticking my dick in a gun barrel and fucking the shit out of it while thinking about how POWERFUL and SCARY and DANGEROUS I am. No gunfuckers allowed, end of discussion

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