Liam Perry is a nervous Bible college TA with a deep, dark secret... one that the school's suspicious new biology professor can't seem to resist exploiting. THE SCANDALOUS SYBIL THROAT #1: THE DOCTOR IS SIN will be available for purchase in book or PDF format this Friday!

Specifically, on, where it'll be launching at exactly 3pm PT/6pm ET this Friday! And to celebrate, I'm also holding a BOOK LAUNCH PARTY STREAM starting at the same time over on, with art, games, guests and sinful surprises!


TODAY!!! SYBIL LAUNCH PARTY!!! BE THERE!!! 3pm Pacific: ART TIME, featuring special guests @itsnero ,
and @Draekos ! Then GAME TIME at 6:30 pm Pacific, featuring a whole bunch of friends on a perfectly normal spaceship where nothing bad happens :)

starting momentarily as part of the Sybil #1 Launch Party: EGG PLAYS AMONG US. you won't want to miss this, folks

STREAM OVER. thank you all for coming!!! and as the great bard Shakespeare once memorably quipped, BUY MY WACKY SMUT BOOK

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