UP NEXT AT @korpscon: @KorpsPropaganda@twitter.com and yours truly demonstrate principles of character design using YOUR suggestions! It's Advanced Villain Costume Design-- catch it live at korpscon.com/stream!


Stream over! Thanks to everyone who stopped by-- these were really fun to come up with! Stay tuned to KORPSCON for the rest of the evening and all day tomorrow for more felonious fun~ korpscon.com/stream

(THE CORNDUCTOR has plant powers and wants to destroy agricorps for not genetically modifying crops *enough*. MIX MXTRESS MARXI fights to radically socialize the dancefloor with her control of lava and water. TSUCHINOKO ROYALE uses her game manipulation powers to hustle rich tabletop enthusiasts.)

@distressedegg It's hard work at the gender factory, but it's honest and it's always in demand.

@distressedegg Love the rainbow swatches you went with for Tsuchinoko Royale, really works with the pro-gamer concept.

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