Eyyy, it's the boys! A little piece of epilogue fan art for Golden Trick, the comic I made with @itsnero that I was wrapping up around this time. Loved writing these two, I hope they're doing okay wherever they are now <3

These two characters are from Megahertz, a comic series I did back in the early '10s under my day job name that I stopped writing because I got sick of writing stories about gun violence. I gotta stick Buddy (the bird) back in my comics somehow, his design is way too slick to not recycle.

Some goofy-ass epilogue fan art for my first graphic novel, Epiphany! I'm actually planning on releasing a follow-up story in the upcoming 10th anniversary reprint that's also more or less going to be about turning the book's queer subtext into text, so get hyped for THAT.

Double Blind! The series that started as something entirely different on this account, then got published as Prestige Smut under my day job name. The pandemic really put the kibosh on Issue 2 of this series, but I'll get to it! Eventually!

...Shit, did I forget to draw Rowan's cyborg arm? Whoops.

LAST: fan art for my current webcomic project Crossed Wires. Yes, I have a list saved with every character's esoteric taste in kinks. No, you're not allowed to see it (...yet). This is also a tribute to a very specific piece of macro dragon porn by Darkgem; if you know, you know.

That's it for this edition of PATREON REWIND! Join us next time as we kick back and let it all hang out with September 2019's theme, CASUAL NUDITY. Fun fun!

If you like any of my weird smut, please subscribe to my Patreon so I can keep making it!

Aaaand obligatory merch promotion... I GOTTA recommend Golden Trick. It's over 300 pages, it's in vivid color, and it's about a pair of gay con men using their magic powers to do heists. One of the most experimental and exciting comics I've ever worked on!

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