Also thanks to everyone who came to our Jackbox stream and our Supervillain fashion panel! Y'all are totally AMAZING and you've made this weekend magical! And there's more to come!

I'm gonna draw a thing for Patreon and clock out for the night myself, though. I'm bushed. - w -

Starting Jackbox in a few minutes! Featuring @Draekos @Balina @CaseyExplosion @Thaminga and yours truly!

We're starting our SUPERVILLAIN FASHION PANEL at ! Drop in and listen to @korpspropaganda and yours truly talk about making evil look good.

Going live in fifteen! Head to for Day 2 of -- we're kicking it off with a continuation of last night's charity stream! DON'T MISS IT.

@ComputerHusband YEAH like i think we started talking about doing it sometime in Spring? and now it's HAPPENING and people are INTO IT and we're HELPING PEOPLE with it. i'm super psyched

...and these are for , and! Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to for streaming with me! (2/2, -ish)

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY OUR INAUGURAL STREAM, everyone! We managed to raise over $2000 CAD for our charity, The 519, which is BONKERS. We're continuing charity slots during our stream tomorrow at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, so stay tuned to !

We'll be kicking off our Charity Art Stream in just a few minutes! All proceeds raised from sketch commission sales tonight will go to The 519, a Toronto LGBTQ+ charity! ( Hop on in!

nsfw, stream line, KorpsCon 

FROM THE PATREON: legally distinct character, nobody can sue me. i just think it'd be super horny to be a big goopy monster with nothing downstairs


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