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Why defend blue lives when you could defend blue sharks

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Hey you. Yeah you. Do you still need a facemask of some sort?
Do you just wanna rep some queer villain pride?
@distressedegg has you covered, go check out her shop for one of these bad boys and get one. And also buy other products too

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Got my mask! Thanks so much to the lovely @distressedegg for this! X3 I love it.

You can purchase your own one at:

Thanks again; I love it!

@Ferrovore EYYYYYY

also yeah like queerness has always been around but i would prefer to experience it with running water, modern medical science and chat apps, A-Thank Youuuuu

(I worry this is a little soupy at small sizes to work as a user av? ehh, whatever, it's The Brand)

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Pride Month is postponed indefinitely. We're skipping straight ahead to Wrath Month. Adjust your schedules accordingly.

also, on this eve of Pride Month, an event that commemorates (among many other things) a riot started by a black trans woman and a black butch lesbian: if you're against the protests going on right now you're not allowed to use the Queer Villain Pride flag. just saying

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just a heads up, i post most of my political talk over on my main account at @irisjaycomics . that being said, and i'm sure i don't need to openly state this, bootlickers can fuck right off. here's a cool way to donate to a bunch of bail funds at once

Unless you're pro-cop, in which case I hope you miss it because you shit your pants and fall out of a window into a dumpster

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Gonna be playing through more Killer7 with again today at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern. We're going to an amusement park in this one and Mask de Smith is getting a snazzy new outfit. Don't miss it!

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@fluxom_alt @rockario @vidi_victa_veni thanks lo. thanks a lot

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@BestGirlGrace @rockario @vidi_victa_veni @fluxom_alt I mean there’s a lot about “cream filling” but I don’t think it’s really elaborated upon in this particular line of thought

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@vidi_victa_veni they always remind me of piping bags for icing, which is.... puzzling

LB: can confirm that Futakiya fucking slaps if you're into BL comics

source is My Neighbor Was A Porn Star by Mec. it’s alright but if you wanna read it you should read it legally on futakiya instead of some shitty scanlation site that doesn’t pay authors for their work

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