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x83.e4_2.2 [soft drone kink, masochism, kisses and anxiety and cybernetic funsies] 

erotic hypnosis scene hot take 

FROM THE PATREON: MULTI-LIMB + TRANSFORMATION. listen, i've seen a lot of weird stuff on redeye flights, but THIS is RIDICULOUS

cheaper AND more entertaining than a trashy airport novel! subscribe today:

@distressedegg the truest queer villain representation is Megabyte from ReBoot. Gay computer crimes, everybody

I've been going a little ham with the rope art recently, whoops. See work like this several times a week by supporting me for only $5 a month! Sign up through Patreon ( ) or through my shop ( )!

( #nsfw #bdsm #shibari #art #mastoart #patreon )

also I forgot EXACTLY how long their weird riff on Marlon Brando in Superman went on for??? And it’s like negative funny??? We’ve discovered anti-humor, it’s incredible

I saw this movie in fucking theaters when it came out. It was art school, everyone was hype about animation. It was kind of ugly then, it’s hideous now


ok since a lot of folks have been asking: if i did a pre-order for Queer Villain Pride-design merch, what kind would you want?

aaand stream over! thanks again to and @websterleone for being lovely streaming partners, and to all the folks who stopped in! these stream sketches are for @Thaminga &, and @websterleone... (1/2, )

UH OH. @KorpsPropaganda and I are streaming later today at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific at! Swing on by for cool art, sketch commission slots, and a whole lot of totally explicit fun. Don't miss it!

COMMISSION TIME: did this piece for of her robot character Friday in a delightful -issued mantid chassis! It's nice to switch things up every once in a while...

[Interested in a commission like this? My form is here:]

The PDF for the most recent sketch comic, Tooth & Lace, is up as well! Short trans dude tops his beefy monster boyfriend, and all that implies. |

( #nsfw #webcomics #comics #art #mastoart #patreon )

fashion update that's not dollskill for once 

FROM THE PATREON: LATEX + HYPER. all that pressure's gotta go SOMEwhere.

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