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drop your phone into the cheetah enclosure at the zoo. it's his problem now

A podcast about a short-neck lute-type, pear-shaped stringed instrument 

Can’t wait for the Inch-High Private Eye movie in phase 2 of the HBCU (Hannah Barbera Cinematic Universe)

A podcast about bowel movements 

it is 1996, i am a sweaty car salesman in a sports blazer. i am smoking a cigarette inside, my wife has left and took the kids with her, i am begging you to buy one of of my many pontiac trans ams that my boss was fooled into buying by my yugoslavian neighbor Rodavan who got out of the hague stuff on account of some very fortunate eastern european legal loopholes

We're hiring still at Mozilla!

This feels squickily like self-promotion (which I hate), but some folks round here might find something interesting there.

I will also mention that we have ongoing efforts to recruit folks who are *not* like me - i.e. straight old cis white guys.

So, if you are *not* like me along any of those axes, I especially encourage you to give it a looksee.

"in 1959 jack warner had bought rights to the entire bible. It was a big-dick move from the thickest python in hollywood's pants"

wesley snipes doing laps, thats a blade runner

saying "kill two birds with one stone"
-encourages animal cruelty
-dead birds

saying "feed two birds with one scone"
-socially conscious
-forward-thinking and encouraging of life
-hap birb

~ my partner, breaking the last pint class in

being a dick all the time in every social situation and telling people its because of the panopticon

In Tokyo, there's a group of hostels called Book And Bed Tokyo that are libraries with bunk beds

:Sitting in my apartment:

:Reads Gothamist headline:

:Looks over at empty hook on the wall labeled "chainsaw.":

Me: Shit!

:Pulling on my coat, stuffing my keys into my pocket and barreling out of the door:

Me: Shit, shit, shit....!

The big mood for 2020 is

Preemptively Tired

For obvious reasons, we're announcing it now.

the best way to describe my generation is, old enough to remember waterbeds, but not old enough to have ever fucked on a waterbed

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