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(looks in to the mirror and sighs) but what if this IS my final form

Mammane Sani et son Orgue - "La Musique Electronique du Niger"

Electronic Music of Niger is not something that was on my radar (what do I know about Niger? The official language is French... that's it) especially not an album from 1978, and this one is equal parts brilliant and "just some guy messing around with a church organ" (Bandcamp review). "Kobon Lerai" and "Bodo" sound like early video game dungeon themes, and "Tunan" is just smooooth but with a bounce

Yesterday I saw a minivan that had a giant decal on the back that just said, in bright yellow letters, "CORN", and that really sums up the central Illinois experience

why the fuck did they call it arson when crime brûlée was right there

I'm on a very new bus tonight. Still has that new bus smell. Also has a new seating arrangement, digital announcements, and digital signs that show the upcoming stops. It's kind of amazing!

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Kicked out of the sex party for refusing to recant my beliefs on the science and art of phrenology.

don't really feel like posting today so

whomst wants to watch the magic school bus

I have a washing machine stuck in my living room.

It's because the people who were supposed to install it cannot, because our connector is weird, because the flippers we bought the apartment from literally did nothing right.

So now I have to try and find a good plumber in and just accept that I'm probably going get ripped off.

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