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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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willow grove
earlier each year
the solace
how long the day

A family restaurant chain called Prepper's Mancave

The landing of a new rover still gets me all filled with wonderment and etc.

I love serifs— fancy it up, go nuts, make everything look like an Edward Gorey manifesto

the snail gets up
between falling leaves

Pitching a fit that I can't have paczki right now.

*2YO crouching under the sink*
"I'm the trash now."

Like Task Rabbit, but for all those open source DIY projects you're never going to do.

When the fuck did book cases with sides go out of style? Seems like the influence of the bookend lobby.

Windows [ _ ] [ □ ] [ ✖ ]

❌ A Goblin

has occurred

[ Ok ]

I just checked and yes: more than 20 years on and Harvard is still hosting the Evanjellydonut fic series.

We did a poetry potluck where a bunch of us read some fave poems. It felt really good to reconnect with this art that's adjacent to what I do, but always feels out of reach for me.

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