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*the guess who voice*
American Woman, gonna steal your house

Tiered: a multi-level balcony

Weird: a snake with three tails

how much mac would a fleetwood mac if a fleetwood you get the idea

iced screams here. getcher iced screams. christ no do not let that fucking thing melt in here

Comic Book Store Expansion! 

Some white guy with dreads is in a really heated argument with some girl over whether it's ok for him to call himself a shaman this party fucking sucks dude

I watched the Dark Crystal for the first time last night and, completely coincidentally, the Dark Crystal prequel series drops on Netflix v soon. Convenient!

Mary and the Witch's Flower is p Good. It's cool to see that Ghibli folks are keeping the style and feel of that studio going in other places.

Mary and the Witch's Flower 

The magical cooks are anthropomorphized versions of the food they're cooking. A pig running the BBQ, a horse carving beef 😬

I'm enjoying this movie but the accents are GRATING

Please put your screaming skulls on mute, the show is about to begin.

Screaming skull will NOT shut up, this was NOT in the eBay description

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