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Star Vs The Forces of Evil Spoilers 

Star Vs The Forces of Evil Spoilers 

Star Vs The Forces of Evil Spoilers 

Star Vs The Forces of Evil 

oh forgot to mention the snails names!

So, the two tigers we can just about tell apart and they are named Snailor Swift and Snaily Rae Jepson (yes we were inspired by Madison's pet snails from Crazy Ex Girlfriend!) and the two albinos are Snailey Kiyoko and Billie Snailish!

I made a snail playlist (snailist) in their honour!



My new app giant dog projects a 3d image of a giant dog into your photos at style, making all your friends and family think you own a giant dog.

dont speak ill of the dead is about not talking shit about your messy aunt at her funeral when she dies not about dickhead oligarchs

Workshopping my new genre: Midwest Magical Realism
- Haunted houses are out, haunted abandoned fast food restaurants are in
- A deer that is always bleeding but cannot die
- Frozen trees that creak in the wind, slowly speaking your name
- Half-glimpsed portents in headlights along endless highways
- Saginaw Township
- A suburban home sitting empty at the bottom of Lake Superior
- Long-legged shadows moving across snow-covered lawns beneath a full moon
- Jesus gassing up a Chevy on Xmas eve

lewdish, literature 

Looks like pretty universal praise for the new show. That's surprising!

No one EVER told me that:

- There was a spin-off show called "Mrs. Columbo"

- That Mrs. Columbo was played by Kate Mulgrew, television's Captain Katherine Janeway.

Comment by didymospl on HN:

"Assume a spherical cow in a vacuum, uniformly emitting milk in all directions"

Thanks to Netflix I was just reminded that Kung Fu Hustle is a delightfully weird movie.

You might say, 2am is not the time to eat an egg. And I'll say, you are wrong

eyy you have found the freakin' forest sage baybee; you wanna ask him how da Mets are gonna do this year, or where to get a good slice

fogged window
today too! kites
falling leaves

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