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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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and then suddenly his nuts grew three times as fat

Not sexy but sexual 

"The nape is the taint of the neck."

I stop a newsboy on the street. "Hey kid, what's the scoop?" I inquire, tossing him a dime. He hands me a broadsheet which I unfurl to see what else but my own mug staring back with the headline "UR UGLY." And that's another win in the newsboy's column in our longstanding rivalry.

Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

I'm absolutely not going to buy 11LPs but I'm mostly mad at Pitchfork for making me second guess myself even for a moment.

Service toot to all fellow bisexuals :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :

Please be reminded that you are under a status effect of high visibility today. Vanishing spells will likely fizzle and stealth checks have disadvantage. Take care.


an asinine comic called 'horseheaded' (part 2) CW for violence + cartoon bomb

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Star Trek DS9, as much nudity as you could show on 90s US broadcast TV 

Today I learned they made a commemorative card for when Odo lost his virginity.


In ST3: The Search for Spock, when Spock's father comes to Kirk's apartment, this sculpture is hanging in the background.

Last night I realized it's the same sculpture that's been in my family for decades, and now hangs on my fireplace. 🤯


some of y'all have recently been talking about how it's a shame more hearing people don't know some sort of sign language, or how you wish you could learn ASL.

well here is Bill Vicars, a skilled ASL instructor, giving lessons for free!

if you're wondering if he's any good, here are people on tumblr talking about why these videos are so excellent:

oh no. I hear a student playing the reddit sex song in the hallways.

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