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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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Midwinter is fast approaching in Dinotopia. A light snowfall covers the boulevards in Sauropolis.
This sketch is a little thank-you to all of you who follow, boost, and comment here on Mastodon.

Will I finally live my airport nightmare, of being behind a guy wearing full plate armor who only takes one piece off at a time before going through the machine again?

There are now less than 72 hours in the My Monster Girlfriend crowdfund. Consider backing it and giving a bunch of cool-ass artists a pay raise.

a full page preview! I keep this level of quality THE WHOLE TIME. it was A LOT of work.
cw: Suggestive (both figuratively and literally)

Sorry, gang, can’t go out for drinks tonight. It’s a harvest moon which means my girlfriend will be laying eggs behind the forbidden well yet again


I'm almost—almost—swallowing normally and pain free.

Just realized that "grad school" is only one letter off from "grade school" confirming my belief that it's not actually that hard.

this is such a cool - and interactive! - piece about Brian Eno's Ambient 1 - Music for Airports, including reconstructed loops you can combine yourself, ON THE PAGE

Ever have a shitpost come to you so powerfully you partially make it, forget about it for months, then find it in your pictures folder begging for completion?

I learned when I lived in Canada, when bus workers went on strike over Black Friday, that the only time corporate barons share the wealth is when they will lose even more money if they don't compromise. Was it disruptive? You bet. Did it impact alot of people? You bet. Did the bus workers get the bathroom breaks they asked for? You bet. We often blame "the strikers" for the disruption. What kind of company refuses to give you bathroom breaks? Sick pay? The barons are to blame. Not the workers.

Here’s the thing — If you HAVE to drive, or even just WANT to drive, it’s in your best interest for public transit, walking & biking to be as attractive as possible to EVERYONE else. It means everyone else can take up a lot less space to move.

If everybody drives, nobody moves.

#cities #mobility #cars #bikes #transit #urbanism #transportation #cityplanning

me making a follow request: huh they seem interesting i'll toss 'em a follow. i will never remember this

me approving a follow request:

You're in Tunnel of Plants.
Smooth jazz music echoes from above and many white coloured stones are scattered about.

Steely Dan is actually the name of the dildo. You’re thinking of Fagen/Becker’s monster

when you're having a silly little time and someone comes along and starts making Points all over the place

A drawing of two public domain superheroes (both created by writer/artist Fletcher Hanks), Stardust the Super Wizard and Fantomah, Mystery Woman of the Jungle (who also happens to be the first female superhero).

I was working on a #Comic about these two in 2020, but unfortunately had to back-burner it indefinitely😥 I hope to finish it one day!
#ComicBooks #ComicBookArt #RetroComicArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #StardustTheSuperWizard #Fantomah #FletcherHanks

There's so much lofi hihop beats on Spotify and all of it sounds the same. If you told me it was algorithmically generated, I would absolutely believe you.

If you keep these 5 things in mind, you'll paint faster and your paintings will be nicer to look at.

More on my blog:

a reminder that rail workers’ wild demand is simply to get a few paid sick days and *not be penalized* for taking time off for illness… during a pandemic.

What idiot called that little narc Elf on the Shelf and not Police Navidad?

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