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Future flash mobs just to throw off the machine learning algorithms that govern our lives.

stress eating lightning bolts, just cramming one after the other down the ol chute

It's been nearly two years since I painted this but this is one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, despite not being one of the more popular ones.

I've never made anything so loaded with implication.


I think about how much I miss Queens a lot. I know that what I probably miss was the life I was living when I was in Queens, but still.

I'm real tired today. My job can be trying sometimes, but I'm rarely bored. Today is different. Today I'd like to slink back to bed and read for hours.

I have a computer at work that just runs the Channel Islands Kelp Forest live cam all day. And two seals just swam past!

The pictures of the guy behind the band Baast much more than I was expecting. Pics are vaguely nsfw.

By popular demand, I have a bunch of new designs on the Redbubble store, featuring the new Awoo and Don't Awoo coming in 0.3.1, as well as furry pride!

Sitting at home, reading Neruda to rats.

The Star Wars Franchise Film "Solo" Show more

Normally I would say "can you even name a famous plumber" but anybody who lives in our general area will immediately think of one guy when you talk about plumbers

Last night I dreamed I drove to @ComputerHusband and @Ferrovore because they'd listed a "rare, level walnut desk" for sale and I was pumped for a really level desk.

It's really difficult for me to perform any kind of activity in dreams.
Except driving stick. I'm still great at that, even when I can sorta tell that I am horizontal.

whenever I try to type :m_wide:
Slime Dot Globals' Emojo Picker suggests Mr. Worldwide first and I love th concept that :mr_worldwide: is interchangeable with :m_wide:

It's wonderfully crisp and bright in today.