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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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We're watching the David Suchet 'Poirot' series and every episode set up us "Poirot falls in with a cadre of the worst people imaginable."

This episode of Poirot has 20 solid minutes of dentistry before the murder happens.

the cool thing about being a mother now is that i can turn people into moths whenever i want

Candidates can pick any song for their campaign, and none of them choose Sexx Laws.

cucking the pope by talking directly to god myself

@epilys Yes, I got to pick it up for free at the railway's recycling center :)

It's standing in our living room.

Every day is International Day of Ass if youre not a coward

there's a veterinarian up the street from me called crossing animal clinic and every time I pass it I'm like so mad. SO CLOSE!! You idiots!

Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

Was linked to this new wave music video and it's hard to believe that it's not a Kids in the Hall skit

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