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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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Earn trepanation while learning about trepanation

all greek myths are rambling stories about how some god got horny about a hot babe and turned into a bird and the babe was at least kinda into that

gastric distress, digital minimalism 

Set my iPhone to monochrome this morning and then immediately had sudden onset very bad diarrhea, as well as the kind of hazy mindset you get with that, and I was definitely like “did digital minimalism give me diarrhea”

Really struggling to imagine what the criteria are for award winning canned beans.

watching Samurai Jack with Iz, a show she constantly refers to as "the show with the guy who doesn't say much"

screenplay for a movie where a hotshot young anarchist gets partnered with a by-the-book old communist and they have 48 hours to solve the mystery of who keeps pooping at the community garden.

Today's a good day to spread a pointless lie, like the fact that all the incidental music in Doug was written by Danzig to 'cool down'

I keep pouring coffee into this whole labeled "years of sleep debt" but it doesn't seem to be working.

NYC will cease prosecuting sexwork 

#NYC State's Attorney Vance says his office will no longer prosecute #sexworkers for plying their trade, and asks judge to void 914 open cases involving the same

happy Alien Lesbian Day! please consider reading my comic Eileen Quinn, a comic about a trans lesbian Alien Queen and her human girlfriend

Tired: Vape Tricks
Wired: Cardassian Neck Trick
Inspired: Cardassian Vape Tricks

"And like what if instead of laying eggs inside your chest they had computer sex with each other using ethernet tails? Are you writing this down?"

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