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Oh, and the cluckers. These aren't my cluckers, but I will show you them anyway.

Small child behind me at the park, resignedly: I died in a fire

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i ain't stingy with the faves, if you know what i mean

Me, everytime I see Macklemore: This is what would happen if Rimmer and Lister from Red Dwarf fucked and had a baby.

Ah yes, Holy Week!

Dank Friday
4/20 Day (Official)
Dope Easter

I'm creating a fork of Mastodon. It's exactly the same as mainline Mastodon except Toots are called Teeth.

"You! You there!" he shouted to a boy on the street. "What day is this?"

The boy gave Scrooge a puzzled look. "It's 4/20, sir. 4/20 morning."

"Good! I haven't missed it. Here, lad." Scrooge rummaged in his dresser drawer and pulled out a bag of money. He tossed a handful of coins to the boy and said, "There's a big, dank bud in the dispensary window at the end of the street. Buy it and deliver it to Bob Crachit's house."

spider, say again!
one crow
it tastes of pine

One of the lambs was chilling on top of her ma 😭

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