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So I hacked Billy Joel's phone and now I'm really fucking scared

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You can see it grinding the gears of people's minds. Wearing shorts with jackets. Sangria and hot chocolate on the same menu.

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New York does this thing where we shift from "cold, grey, wet spring" to "extremely humid and hot" without a clutch.


I need a new weekly planner and would love to buy one from a small business. No bullet journals, an actual planner planner. RECOMMEND ME A PLACE

Someone is sharing Magic Eyes in the year of our lord 2020.

Moon Palace Books is an independent bookstore located just behind Minneapolis police precinct 3, the starting point of the riots. When the police tried to set up a barrier around the store they said no thanks and instead set up a station to give protestors food, water, treatment etc. They even hung an “Abolish the Police” banner in their window.

Please consider using this small business if youre looking for more books, they’re doing mail orders. Here’s their website.

stone age shitpost 

getting my dick and balls hunted/gathered by your mom

LiveJournal Breach 

I dunno what the deal is but Firefox says that LiveJournal had a password breach. I went in changed my password on a 15-year old account that I haven't used in 13 years. But apparently there's no 2FA? That fucking sucks.
I'd just delete the whole damn thing if I trusted that potentially giving up control of it would be better than locking it down and deleting things.

Steven Universe rewatch 

It's interesting to watch Pearl start as kind of a jealous sister to Steven and watch her grow into a real parent.

WZ736, Avro 707, Royal Air Force, on display at MOSI Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, 24th Feebruary 2015.
#avgeek #planespotting #manchester #museumOfScienceAndIndustry #mosi #museum #avro #avro707 #royalAirForce

Our foster cat is brave enough to walk around at night now.

Consequently, he is also brave enough to yowl from 3AM on.

I have slept for three hours.

I want to thank my foster cat for waking me up at 3:30AM, and my messed up brain for keeping me awake.

some fun quotes from the Apollo 11 mission (that's the one where they landed on the moon)

man goes to his therapist. says he's been pretty sad lately. says he's been having trouble finding the joy in things.

therapist asks him if there have been any times he *has* been happy recently. man thinks for a second, then nods. says he's felt comparatively joyful on his commutes home every night, riding the bus downtown from capitol hill.

therapist closes his notebook and nods. "that makes sense," he says. "bus 10 makes me feel good, too."

The Star Trek novels of my childhood and teens were a bit less organized than the Star Wars EU. They often felt like rejected filler scripts, and the fact that they were numbered like comic books didn't help the feeling that they were disposable.

Despite that, there are a few standing out in my memory that I remember really enjoying, so here's a thread of those. I'd love it if you replied with your favorites as well!

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