IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE. The A train, which I live off of, mostly runs R46 trains from the mid 70s with the occasional R32 from the mid 60s. The new trains are the R179, that have better HVAC, seating, wayfinding, and public address systems. They're so good, and what I got used to riding when I lived in Astoria.

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My biggest complaint with the R46 and why I am so excited for the new cars are these AWFUL perpendicular seats. They take up too much space and are just dumb and uncomfortable! I much, MUCH prefer the one-long-bench of the newer (and, ironically, older) trains.

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@elecray7k YES! We have the dumb perpendicular seats on our main train line from the airport and it makes seating with luggage a frigging nightmare, plus generally just a less efficient use of space.

@jgarfink IT'S BAD! They have it on a few other lines. The JMZ and 7, I think? It's terrible!

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