Me: My imagination is boundless. Nothing is outside the realm of possibilities within my own mind!
Me, after being reminded that some New Yorkers own a car and commute daily with it: What the fuck? That doesn't sound right.

There's apparently less than 5 alleyways in all of New York City, most New York City alleyways in film are actually filmed in Chicago or one of those few alleyways, which is almost exclusively used as a shooting location.

There's almost certainly more gas stations in NYC than that but I can't think of a single time I've seen a gas station in something set in New York City.

@idesofmerch One of the alleys is near Great Jones Ave and I used to pass it all the time.


@idesofmerch It should be. I did, however, find a bathroom that was a floor-to-ceiling tribute to Grace Jones. So that's something.

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