relationships, cute stuff 

relationships, cute stuff 

relationships, cute stuff 

The peasants hath become accustomed to speaking a most detestable phrase: “as you say, Elder.” They utter it with a most indecent tone, implying disbelief and rebellious sentiments. This phrase might rightly be compared to the gravest insult of our age, which I dare not write.

i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

"he shakes the arrows, he consults the household idols, he looks at the liver"

@text_quest Congrats on your new Labor Assignment in the Slime Mines and obtaining a new Slime Cave Dwelling Location (SCDL).

Reminder that Mastodon 3.0 has on-board OCR! When you are posting an image that largely consists of plain text, you may use this function to automatically caption the image with a transcript for people using screen readers, e.g. users with visual impairments, making your content more accessible! You'll find it by using the edit button on the thumbnail. Note that at this time, it is only able to parse Latin characters without diacritics.

ranked choice voting in maine 

if money was no object my ideal job is to be that kind soul who puts a single onion ring in your order of french fries

The saxophone solo in Baker Street plays as I drive my mint condition 1992 Chevy Camaro into one of those mall fountains. What's my wish? To finally be granted freedom from my everlasting curse of eternal life, but because I said it out loud it won't happen

@srol "In this context, 'shocked asses' is literal, as I will have rigged their seats to inflict a mild electric shock ala The Tingler."

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