Captain’s log, stardate 41153.7

im gay

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth It's amazing. Someone called it a 4th dimensional film. A total ineffable concept that perfectly matches the thing it describes.

@wolfteeth the world's most successful tech demo, second only to Sonic the Hedgehog


I feel like Speed Racer has a lot of the same energy but is somehow different? Like it's not just a totally different form of fantasy, it's also ABOUT something in a way the other films just aren't.

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth yes yes yes this is perfect, please chisel this into solid steel and send it to every movie studio on earth

@irisjaycomics God, Willem Dafoe was in this and Aquaman. The dude just really wants to be surrounded by sparkly shit!

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth The vibe for all of that is "extremely earnest" and I am HERE for it

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth Hi and welcome to the Long Island Problematic Fave Film Fest 2019

@elecray7k en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C PLEASE read the Wikipedia page for the movie btw, it’s fucking NUTS:

- directed by the Finding Nemo/Wall-E guy despite his total lack of knowledge about directing live action bc he’s a HUGE Burroughs nerd
- Disney had been trying to make a Princess of Mars movie since the 30s
- the entire movie had to undergo MASSIVE reshoots, plus a script edit by *Michael Fucking Chabon*
- this might be the best review line ever

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth I mean, since that's what's running behind my eyes at all time it's an all-life event.

@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth Basking in the utter self-indulgence of a John Carter/Jupiter Ascending double feature.

@irisjaycomics I wish someone would make a sword and sorcery flick with the same reckless abandon that powers Jupiter Ascending and John Carter.

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