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My partner tried to take the dog out midday yesterday and, well

I was running around doing chores starting at 7AM. I will not be leaving the house for the rest of the weekend, except so that the dog can poop.

@srol "Ahhhh," I say hanging that in my hotel door. "Oblivion"

The guy next to me on the train is playing Stardew Valley on a Switch and it's so blessed.

It is astonishing to me that in 2019, bots that bid at the last second is still a problem on eBay.

@srol @idesofmerch There's like 20 on 143rd and Lennox, for some reason. Also some weirdly nice ones tucked into brick buildings along Riverside Drive.

@idesofmerch It should be. I did, however, find a bathroom that was a floor-to-ceiling tribute to Grace Jones. So that's something.

@idesofmerch One of the alleys is near Great Jones Ave and I used to pass it all the time.

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