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Sharing with my coworkers my absolutely harebrained scheme to get central air in my apartment.

It would cost at least $14K.

Thinking about changing my username to "infrastructure"

Had to double check it and yes: hitherforth and henceforth mean the same thing.

Imagine fucking up your life so bad the only two sections of your Wikipedia article are "Personal Life" and "9/11 Controversy"

:To the tune of Lizzo's "Boys":


i don't have anything against astrology people, but i wouldn't leave them alone in a room with my fishes, my goat, my scorpion, my lion, my centaur archer, my water jug lady, my other goat...

Totally willing to own up to my dowsing phase.

He said her hair smelled good and now he's passionately kissing her and reader: she looks bored.

I think these two might be on a date which WOW

"I don't read! I don't read nothing! Who's got time to read anything?!"

Hi this guy sucks

"Don't judge your man for being a man! It's what we do!"

I am, once again, within earshot of the worst conversation in the world at any given moment.

There's a lot of problems with the subway system, but this is one that really pisses me off.

The first sign says go RIGHT for the ACE trains. The sign 15 feet further back says go LEFT for the ACE.

I'm sure it fits with the MTA style guide of indicating the nearest path. I think you can make it to the ACE of you go either way. But it still annoys me!!

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