mean-ish to a celebrity 

i'm pretty much over bradley cooper? keep having him be rocket racoon, that's it

I cannot believe that a better system for eye exams hasn't been developed yet. This "which is better, 1 or 2" seems so archaic!


we got a cabbage in our csa box and we had ground beef from my dad-in-law for some reason? so i found a recipe for a cabbage roll casserole, let's see how it goes

I have figured out what is making that dumb noise on the roof! One of the chairs had uneven legs or whatever so every time it's windy, the chair shifts and the legs tap the roof and noise happens.

genuinely love to toaster oven an open-faced grilled cheese

It is just frigging miserable outside, it has been raining since yesterday afternoon

i am THIS CLOSE to finishing my cross-stitch project which obviously means i'm going to make each stitch take frigging forever


big ups to whole foods for selling individual pieces of cake because we do not need a whole cake but i want some

I just introduced the husband to Tom Holland's famed Lip Sync Battle dance and therefore have done some good today

home maintenance stuff 


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home maintenance stuff 

alas, dryer guy was not able to fix it today, but hopefully soon once he gets the part we need. apparently it's an issue with condo buildings like ours - there's a common exhaust pipe for all the units in a vertical space and moisture can get in and cause rust/electronics issues as a result.

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bugs, maybe gross 

every time i kill a fly by catching it with one hand i level up

For all you Amex people, there appears to be something wrong on the technical side with them right now, so if you're having trouble with your card it's probably not your fault!


there's something wrong with our dryer and now i am VERY STRESSED OUT

I would kill for one of those cups of coffee that's so good it makes your shoulders relax

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