i had a piece of toast and immediately started to feel better, what can't toast do

my stomach hurt so i went home because if i'm going to be uncomfortable, i'm going to do so in the comfort of my own home

the only good thing about christmas is candy canes, there i said it

having a weird urge to watch the movie "holes" to see if it holds up

one of my favorite restaurants changed their online ordering system and now it sucks and i had to call in my order

hot new food combination 

bread and butter

bonus points if you toast the bread

this is the busiest friday i've had in a long time

today's breakfast 

bulgarian feta spread and cranberry chutney on an english muffin, highly recommend

i finally sucked it up and bought four Placebo albums and i feel great about it

Cross stitch patterns never tell you how much hair is supposed to get caught in your project, here I am pulling it out of the threads like an IDIOT

my spotify wrapped wasn't loading on my phone and now i can't find it again, my life is terrible




i do not understand discord, is it basically just a series of forums?

the bagel place on the corner has a christmas tree up and somehow that feels antisemitic to me

things i did not miss about taking the train to work 

the guys who just randomly start talking/singing making me question what else they're going to randomly start doing

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