It's that kinda day where I wake up and start thinking about what I'm gonna get for lunch

I kind of figured out what I need to do, and boy, I am just okay enough in Excel to be really dangerous.

Who wants to write an excel program to make my life easier

I found out a musician I like is Sting's daughter and for some reason it is REALLY messing me up!

I want ginger candies but the store isn't open yet and I am taking it as a personal attack

Today I made friends with the help desk agent because my flash drive is named Warp Core so I can, y'know, eject the warp core.

Just got my work upgrade to windows 10 and am now DEALING WITH THAT

It's nice to have a husband who will pick up pho for you when you're feeling icky

Today I drove through rain like I have never driven through before. I had to slow down to the point where I was barely moving and it was terrifying and I am so glad I'm home.

Mom and I took a Danish-making class at Zingermans and boy did I have way too much sugar today

I am visiting my parents and it's very nice

I have FOUND MY COMMUNITY S4 and S5 finales!

I am looking up how much yarn I need for the baby blanket I want to make and I can't quite figure it out because I think I want to make it wider and maybe longer so I don't know how much to buy ughhhhhhhhh

exciting news! 

Somewhere along the way, I lost my files for the Community S4 and S5 finales and I don't know where they went! I might need to break out the old laptop to either hope they're there or rip them.

food stuff 

Operation get the husband birthday gifts he'll enjoy was a success!

I just printed off the pattern for the sweater I want to make and oh boy, what have I gotten myself into

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