it's 15 minutes before my two-hour appointment window starts and the guy isn't here yet and I am personally offended

Good news - I have washed my cozy pants and they are STILL COZY

There's something hilarious about drinking Gatorade out of a glass.

hello, RCN has somehow yet again connected my comcast cable to their box, hooray

It blows my mind how little food my in-laws will save sometimes. Like, my father-in-law made pork and mushrooms yesterday for dinner, and he decided two half-inch pieces of pork and two mushrooms was enough to save. Boggles the mind.

hello, i have not been checking the internet at all over this long weekend, i assume i missed basically nothing

Every phone call my father-in-law has happens twice - once with the original call and once when he tells his wife

auggie the doggie is here, makin' noises

It's partially weird because I wake up sometimes MULTIPLE HOURS before anyone else in the house! And also their coffee is Not Very Good. But there are cats, so.

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i am never eating another sunchoke again for the rest of my life

love to overprepare for a call that ends up being relatively painless!

of course, had I not been prepared, it would've sucked, because that's how it works!

food, gross body stuff 

Apparently sunchokes can make people bloated and gassy and uh, oh boy

Update: my dad also liked a tweet from James Woods, so that's going in a bad direction


We got a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, some carrots, some sort of leafy green, some mushrooms, CRANBERRIES, a thing of mulling spices, sunchokes?, a giant sweet potato, and a pumpkin, and I am VERY PLEASED

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we're getting our first winter CSA box todayyyyyyyyy

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