I have the biggest urge to watch Bring It On

love to sneeze and then immediately be in pain because it hurt my sore throat to sneeze?

I've come to the conclusion that package tracking around Christmastime is an exercise in masochism.

Don't mind me, just snorting saline into my nasal cavity

I will now accept my award for Best New Word of 2018

I think I may have caught the plangue.

It's plague you catch from being on an airplane. Plangue.

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I'm currently doing my favorite travel activity, which is anxiously tracking my incoming plane to make sure THAT'S not the reason my flight's delayed

Also, it's apparently supposed to snow 2' on Sunday morning when I'm supposed to leave, so I might not leave on Sunday, which I'm already freaking out about.

I'm gonna go meet my nephew today! I'm bringing him presents so he's sure to like me. One-month-olds want stuff, right?

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I suddenly want a bagel and cream cheese in the worst way

Reminder to self: just because critics like a movie or song or album or whatever does not mean I have to like it. It is in fact okay if I dislike it!

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