Hey Masto - what do you like to make with cotton yarn? I've suddenly come into a BUNCH of it.

I got red bean candies from the Japanese grocery store and they are SO GOOD

It's almost 8 AM and everyone is still asleep and it's freaking me out

i am BACK from my WORK TRIP and my in-laws BROUGHT ME YARN

I have a big day ahead of me, including a DINNER CRUISE which I am DREADING

Ah, yes, pre-flight anxiety, my old friend

I would be THRILLED to have hummus with every meal

I'm going on a work trip next week to a seminar and they scheduled me for a dinner cruise and I hate it

Hubs woke me up twice last night because he's all phlegmy and coughed and he kept me up for like, an hour each time and I'm mad because I can't be mad at him because it's not his fault

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I have the sudden urge to watch Endgame a billion times

New guy has started showing up early and it's really harshing my vibe

So apparently my body has decided that when I have trouble falling asleep is the best time to get SUPER HOT AND SWEATY

Look, all I'm saying is that it would be really nice if the thunder could realize it's 1 AM and we're all trying to sleep

Ever since I started rewatching Babylon 5 I've had this picture in my head of Bester sitting with someone in a train of some sort, and here we finally are, 17th episode of the 4th season. It's all happening!

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It is taking all of my strength to not buy the Cascade sock yarn that's on sale right now

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