This is quality reporting on the Chicago Pride Parade.

i am once again encouraging you to not watch riverdale

we watched for an hour and 45 minutes and now i'm inside and tired

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there are a ton of cops around which i have MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT

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today is the first chicago pride parade since 2019 and i am very excited to be able to watch it from a safe distance

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Link to Abortion Donation Fund list 

If you have cash to spare, they're going to need it badly; a lot of it is going to go to travel costs, which y'all know have been sky rocketing

it feels aggressive that people keep sending me emails

vacation was MOSTLY good, the last night marred by my husband waking up in the middle of the night with heat stroke, thinking it was bedbugs, freaking us both out (he is fine)

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My favorite thing about currywurst is how uncreative it is. It's just sausage with ketchup and curry powder on top, and it's great.

feels dumb to cook when it's 97 degrees out

I am very thankful to live in a place with a pretty good air conditioner

Our HVAC servicing company sends out an email during extreme heat/cold events and I feel bad for them that this line needs to be included

There are some pretty gnarly photos of last night's storm. I like this video (twitter link):

tornado warning, if you need me i'll be freaking out in the bathroom

i watched four episodes of Minx and i love it

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