Good morning, it's clean-all-the-gunk-from-your-tea-filter day!

Hello, I'm listening to a song by Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John, because sure

Every once in a while I go back and watch the opening for the 2009 Oscars, and I highly recommend you do so too because it's incredible

Anyway, I finished the Witcher this weekend and I think I'm going to rewatch it, only partially because of how beautiful Henry Cavill is

Does using a standing desk count as exercise, asking for a friend

At least send out an email saying "IT'S HAPPENING FINALLY" or something, y'know?

There's been a sign on the work fridge FOREVER saying that they'll throw out anything left in there Friday afternoon, and they haven't UNTIL THIS WEEKEND so now my coffee creamer's gone and I'm ticked

Feels like -15 outside, so guess who's going to do yoga at home today (it's me, jesus that's cold)

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The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Get Crafty: Knitting, Sewing & Crafting Bundle by ABRAMS

Get $431 worth of stitch and knit craft books like Spoonflower Handbook, Repurposed Library, and much more!

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all your reading devices.

#books #ebooks #knitting #sewing #drmfree

Sometimes you just need to go back and watch the final performances of Bring It On, y'know?

That thing where you wash your sheets and then the fitted sheet eats all the other sheets

My office installed FREE sparkling water dispensers and I am pretty jazzed about it

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I know it's gross to clip one's nails at work, but is it gross to file nails?

I know it's gross to clip one's nails at work, but is it gross to file nails?

One of my coworkers is out on maternity leave and a side effect is I have to go to ALL HER MEETINGS

Hello, I have not been tooting a lot, but I am still alive just Very Busy At Work

Yes, I went to the gym today, but the real workout was getting in and out of a tall pickup truck five times

sad, baby, sick 

sad, baby, sick 

The weather is disgusting today, can we just stop with it already

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