Hello, I am annoyed at managers this morning!

I think I have been drinking too much coffee because today I drank only one cup and I have a headache

I frogged a pair of socks today and I feel great about it

Hubs and his buddies are brewing and it smells deliciously like spent grain

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Hey y'all: I write a column for PCMag and we occasionally try to answer reader questions. Drop us a line, y'all are really smart.

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@jgarfink Hey, listen. I've spent more than a decade working with various email marketing platforms, and I don't know if you understand... just how right you are

Hello, there is no reason it should take "up to ten days" to process my unsubscribe request

It turns out two pairs of socks was not enough for standing outside in 25F weather!

Love to work from home and have everything immediately break

This is high on the list of most adorable videos I have ever seen (audio if possible!)


I ate a lot of sweet potato tots.

I also ate the bonus french fry that came with them.

question for people with out-of-state nieces/nephews 

No one is talking about the tomato tree in the Watchmen television program

guess who has two thumbs and just got an unsolicitied compliment on a sweater she made

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