After a big weekend of ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS, I am ready to get back to eating vegetables


I think today's going to be a Hungry Day ™️

It feels wrong to say PDF file even though it's technically correct. Feels like PIN number or ATM machine.

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I am BACK FROM FLORIDA and I got burnt on the last day despite my best efforts

UPDATE: Incoming plane left five minutes early!

I'm flying today, and you know what that means: obsessively checking my incoming plane as well as the flight status every three seconds

I have thought about this more and I am madder! It's one thing if this is company-sanctioned, in which case they definitely need to drop the price. It's another thing if just some random employee did it, in which case it's kinda shitty to profit off your coworkers.

Someone in our office put a little basket full of k-cups next to the machine with a price of $1.50 which offends me on a personal level. Why not $1? Why $1.50? SO DUMB

I'm legitimately always surprised when I'm doing my job mostly correctly

One of my coworkers is having a May the 4th party and I am seriously considering bringing Star Trek cookies

opening all the windows so my air conditioning doesn't kick on two days before it's supposed to be 30 degrees again

The editor's note in this month of Modern Steel Construction magazine suggests that if you're a manager, you should get involved with youth sports whether you have a kid OR NOT and I cannot express to you what a bad idea that seems to be

No one ever tells you how weird purl stitches feel all over your foot

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