food talk 

terrible joke I made up 

I am very much enjoying listening to Thirst Aid Kit but I will also be very excited to be caught up on it

Today I am wearing a shawl I made that's made from yarn with cashmere in it and it is SO SOFT AND COZY

I need to make more socks. Hey masto, send me your favorite sock patterns!

Hello, I just made the cutest hat, apologies for the sideways picture

Love a good random one-second power outage

Look, I am busy today so I am just assuming you're all being extra boring and nothing is happening, cool?

complaining, work 

complaining, work 

IT broke my computer while fixing it so today kind of sucks

I just solved a WEIRD MYSTERY at work and I feel so powerful

Hello, you should all be listening to the Finneas album

I am trying to catch up on Thirst Aid Kit by listening at 1.2x speed and it is WEIRD

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