It's even chillier today! I am wearing pants! (well, still leggings, but they go to my ankles this time)


he made it! apparently he got lost, sucks he had to spend more time in the car

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hubs left about 8 hours ago to go see his folks and it's only about a 7 hour drive and he hasn't texted me yet and i'm very nervous about it

I found a hole in one of my favorite pairs of workout leggings. Anyone got any pro-tips about how to mend this kind of material? (stretchy, synthetic, workouty)

Hubs left a couple hours ago to visit his folks and I can't tell if it's weird in here or not yet

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important information 

Baby puffins are called "pufflings".

It's below 70 degrees today which means OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS

I just remembered that Apple "what's a computer" commercial and got angry


love to burp up some bile

For some reason Prime isn't streaming episodes 5 or 7 of season 1 of Farscape?

Petition to cast Jon Cryer as more villians

I have successfully both frogged my terrible shawl and rewound both yarns without any issues (besides a loss of time).

The majority of the time I was just in the shower was spent picking hair off myself

The other day my coworker typed "geez louis" and I am now sharing that with you all



The weather is frigging FANTASTIC so I'm tootin' from the balcony

I have a very important update:

I am generally okay with preserves when accompanied by some sort of nut butter or spreadable cheese!

Jelly still sucks.

Might be a listen-to-Rumours-again kind of day

I finished knitting the shawl that I hated knitting and I don't think I like it! HOORAY

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ever have one of those days where getting an email at the wrong time just breaks you?

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