Give all BA video editors a gigantic raise

I have a spider friend who hangs out in our guest room while I'm working! Hi spider friend!

I really thought working from home would make people start earlier since no commute, but I guess everyone's sleeping in? Which I am incapable of doing?

It finally shut off. Almost 3.5 hours. I give it 5 minutes before it turns back on.

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I would really like it if my air conditioning were done because it's been running three hours straight and it makes me nervous

The worst part about homemade bread is trying to slice it evenly which I am a failure at

My least favorite part of dinner: after having given my husband multiple warnings, I have to wait for him to finish his game and pee and refill his water and get a beer and


can't wait til the grocery store is no longer a terrifying hellscape

Remember when the weather forecast used to mean something?

The tree outside is leafing and it makes me happy

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I keep trying to like the 1975 but I don't think I do

I am in the fortunate position of having a stable job right now and also spending very little money. I'm looking to donate some money - recommendations?

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