This whole Lil Nas X thing is fascinating to me and Old Town Road keeps getting stuck in my head and I am also pretty sure there is no better lyric than "if you don't got no giddy-up then giddy out my way"

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I regret to inform you that the boys are back in town

Today is going to take forever, I can just feel it

I never really listened to Against Me! but I am really enjoying Laura Jane Grace's album from last year!

Reminder that dongle is a HILARIOUS word

Pro-tip - keep backup deodorant at your desk for those days when you're a real dummy and forgot to put some on before you left the house

@gabek I did say they'd all get a good neck workout.

I gave a presentation at work and for some reason when I went to play my videos they turned out sideways and I am SO SAD

I somehow got a weird bruise on the palm of my hand?

I just did such a dumb enduser move and I feel like a moron but at least I apologized to the IT guy?

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