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I have entombed myself in honey and been reborn in the proper medicinal form

Also if I forgot to follow you from when I was on Mastodon Social, let me know! I am sure I'll follow you back

there's an old well in my backyard that whispers to me to do terrible things, but I don't listen to it (I've started listening to it)

just got an email from this nonprofit asking if I'd be willing to let folks prizefight me to raise money for local schools. anyone heard of this "box tops for education" thing

There are many things I would not want to see carried over from Twitter but seeing the Out of Touch Thursday bot on Mastodon is supremely comforting to me

Happy Birthday Jerry Lawson!

Jerry invented arguably one of the most important components to modern home console gaming. Modular software (cartridges). His work would help build the FairChild F, the first modular cartridge console. He was a chief engineer for the company. This predates the 2600!

Without Jerry’s invention the gaming world would not have been the same today! Thank you Jerry!
#blackmastodon #gaming #engineering #videogames

gotta admit referring to blocking instances full of slur sayers as "authoritarian" is insanely funny

Becoming a Álvaro Morata fan because he poses and dances around after scoring a goal like he is someone's player character in Skyrim

It will never not be funny how the internet completely changed the way we feel when we see this one man's name

If articles about the US were written like how the US writes about China 

Tensions reached a high this week as the US regime sought to quell an uprising among rail workers, who called for an immediate end to the country's authoritarian rule. Biden, who narrowly beat his predecessor, has ruled on the basis of an ancient concept in Anglo philosophy called "taxation without representation," in which representation of the taxed is said to anger one's household Jesus. Biden invoked this concept by calling on Congress' two parties (the Large Old Persons' Party and the Weak Blue Ass Party) to violently quash the protesters by any means necessary. Moves by the Biden regime to silence opposition by making token concessions have been met with even more widespread global condemnation, at a time when the US seeks to present itself as capable of one day joining civilized nations. Biden has repeatedly refused calls to end the nation's dictatorial Infinite Covid policy.

Fine, I’ll endure one more unbelievable dystopian plot twist, but that’s it

just become a biomechanical horror. easy way to avoid coivd.

One of the wildest things about living on this planet is finding out there's some weird and cute rodent like creature I've never heard about and suddenly everyone talks about it like it's been in the zeitgeist forever.

Dealing with some quoll shock today, if I am being honest

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 82nd birthday of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, a pioneer who led the team that invented the video game cartridge.

ranting about hive social 

Hive is adding ~500k users daily, passing the 1 million user mark on Monday and then 2 million users earlier today. They're supported only by the 24-year-old founder, two employees, and zero moderators.

It's completely irresponsible for them to have unlimited signups when they can't possibly handle abuse, harassment, scams, spam, disinformation, or illegal content.

Plot hook: billionaire having extended public meltdown has had his neural link hijacked by vengeful monkey.

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