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Please know that Ron Perlman's wikipedia photo looks like the school photograph of the weird high school history teacher that everyone likes because he curses

today at an austrian restaurant Izzy absolutely DESTROYED an entire bowl of cucumber salad as well as most of a pretzel, a bunch of spaetzle, goulash, paprika chicken and half of a pickle that she kept dipping in obatzda and when we got home she kept having these tremendous old man burps that smelled like the inside of a deli case


This is the sweater I’m currently working on but am going to set aside for a couple of weeks to work on a shawl/get my head right so I can finally finish this second sleeve

What’s your #knitting process? 

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hog talk 

hog talk 

wearing my tiny yoga shorts to bike home in, planning on screaming “Oh! I’m the Tiny Shorts Boy” as I blow through every light

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I don’t feel like I’m doing the thing I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve done the safe thing because I never felt like I knew what I wanted to do. And now I’m worried that at this point my obligations mean I don’t have the resources to try anything else, and working 50+ hour weeks for my entire adult life means I’m too burned out to even know what I’d like to try.

there's a huge bio on them here:

and, like...reading this I can't shake the feeling that my life would actually have been easier if I had trusted in myself more and lived a little weirder.

and this is an incredible one:

and their first video from this new album uh feels very much like Squad Goals:

oh wow I just found out from a Spotify email that a band I'm really fond of, Mountain Man, is not only back together but touring. They're really fantastic - three women doing like incredible harmony singing - and every time I listen I get the melancholy feeling that this sort of work is what I should be doing?
You might know them from their song Holy Father, which is VERY good - here it is live:

okay. first off. have I made “hat mistakes in the past.” maybe. BUT!

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