switched from Recalbox to Lakka for my Pi0 micro-console and it significantly reduced the boot time, since it's running Retroarch as the frontend instead of loading EmulationStation on top of it — which is fine, I'm used to running RA directly on my PC as well and I like the native UI without the bells and whistles.

Running Star Fox 64 through a resolution-doubler to make the graphics crisp and clean, then running that through a VCR filter to make it muddy and awful again.

vaguely horny, vrchat pics (2) 

@keliff they didn't have to build the leggy.life avatars like this but they absolutely did

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vaguely horny, vrchat pics 

Filled up my photo roll taking pictures of @keliff vogueing and vibing in VRChat last night. Can You Blame Me, Though

VRChat tends to give me performance issues on big sweeping vistas or multi-level rooftop apartments, but I had a blast last night shooting the shit with some friends gathered around a pool table on an otherwise-empty gridmap.

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