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that makes two campaigns so far where we encounter our first major obstacle in the form of a chasm that we take upwards of 30 minutes to cross

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In 1981, an Australian studio did an adaptation of John Gardener’s “Grendel”, with the imaginative title of “Grendel Grendel Grendel”. It stars Peter Ustinov as the voice of the title character, and is animated without a single outline.

Scarecrow has it, but only on VHS. But it’s also on Youtube...


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#crossedwires #promotion: NEW CROSSED WIRES STICKER SETS ARE UP! Including two classic and popular designs accompanied by four brand new ones. These will see their con premeire at MFF, but you can buy them RIGHT NOW at oreillyjay.tictail.com !

I'm also putting Epiphany on clearance! We're down to our last few copies, and while I'm really proud of them, I'm also sick of looking at my dead name on their covers. Help me get rid of them!

cybre.space/media/oiSIWYWQHqpK cybre.space/media/W_YiL0y43tmg cybre.space/media/PrFRZjJhSlo9

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PSA: following thousands of people at random is a great way to get blocked by thousands of people who assume you're some kind of bot or marketer

excited for a very stressful day tomorrow womp wompppp. hopefully humana hasn't sent me to yet another out of networker doctor! :D

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[pounding on table] YANKEE!!! CANDLE!!! YANKEE!!! CANDLE!!!

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