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My () is hilariously out of date. My name is Patrick Hogan and I'm a journalist. I've worked a bunch of places, but I'm presently between the jobs (hire me). I wrote an intro to Mastodon last month for The Outline

I toot a lot about scifi/fantasy novels, video games and other crap. I've made several dumb bots: @FursonaAssignment @NintendoPowered @Energy_Forecast and I released a Mastodon ebooks bot you can use today!

Listening to a podcast on a different network and it's crazy how different it is! Their mattress ads are for a whole different mattress company.

How much would it cost to replace every liquid container in my house with flasks and cruets

Crackle and a buzz, mix up that sound
It's breakin up nice, but it won't break down

srol - Google Music started out pretty much just as a music-library syncing service. When they added the Play part to it and it also became a music store and streaming service they kinda screwed up the library part and it's never been quite right ever since.

Any time you search for a song, it puts results from its streaming service at the top. You have to scroll past four sections just to get your own music. And they rank fly-by-night shady covers above the original song all the the time.

Any recommendations for an app or service to replace Google Play Music's music library syncing? Google's apparently smgoing to force everyone to switch to YouTube Music in the next year and ๐–“๐–” ๐–™๐–๐–†๐–“๐–๐–˜

I could write a book about all the problems with Destiny, but something about the games always leaves me feeling peaceful and at ease.

so I'm playing Destiny again

You ever say to yourself "I shouldn't do that. That would be a bad choice. I'm glad I have the foresight to know something is not the right thing to do and not do it" and then just charge at that bad choice like it's a goddamn slip and slide.

The 1812 Overture sounds like the soundtrack to a Jrpg that was never made.

McElroys leaving Polygon. Writing was on the wall for a while now I suppose, but still, dang

The most dehumanizing part is the servers who you never see and are encouraged over and over and over not to tip. I really really hope they're being paid well.

The ramen is good though (cw: food)

Everything here is documented. What you can order how to order. When to order. How to pay. If you order a kae-dama (extra order of noodles) you get a special chit to put on the sensor when you want it and someone just shows up with noodles.

That window in the back is the kitchen. All you ever see or hear of the people serving you is their hands and their disembodied voices. After your ramen arrives, they lower the curtain and then you're really alone. Cw:food

I'm at the ramen cubicle restaurant right now and this is one of the more bizarre dining ezpetiences of my life and I haven't even gotten my food yet.

I'm gonna try this place out on my way home. I'll report back.

You can tell how bored I am at work based on how much I toot in the morning and early afternoon

A ramen place opened by my office for solo diners only with rows of individual dining cubicles. You fill out a form and are given your food without ever having to see or talk to another person.

Yes, it's dehumanizing but also it takes out all the social anxiety of dining alone? Not sure how to feel.

I've only been at work an hour and I'm already intently watching the clock.

Autocorrect hated that sentence. I caught all its attempts to fix it except "katamari"

What are the actual lyrics of that Katsmari Damacy song? Is it really "I'm so in love with you, I want to wad you up into my life?"