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Reconstructed and updated my two-year-old bingo card. You should too! These memes really helped me get to know my fedi neighbors better.

I heard you say " ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY " is that right?

The poll results confirm that there is at least one (1) nasty user on Mastodon. Gonna have to stop telling people there's no nasty folks here.

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What should my thoughts be as I lie awake and wait for sleep to claim me

Alright, I've heard enough, I'm just gonna go ahead and spoil myself on the rest of Attack on Titan and see how bad it is.

I started writing a Weezer joke, but it read like an earnest cry for help and you know what ...

I've been resisting checking out whatever the current digital version of MTG is for a few weeks now, thanks pandemic. The last time I had this urge, I bought the Xbox 360 game.

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Oh yeah, my local stationer was having a clearance sale and selling booster packs of an expansion set called Homelands for 50 cents each, so I went through my dad's change drawer and bought a ton, and my "friends" made fun of me for that because apparently Homelands is not good?

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I learned how to play Magic The Gathering in fifth grade, and that's also where I did most of my playing of it. Here's all I remember:

There's something called a "no-land mulligan" and an "all-land mulligan"

There's a card called Prodigal Sorcerer and he's a huge asshole.

I have no idea what First Strike does.

My friend Matt had a card called "Mon's Goblin Raiders" and he would sing it to the tune of "Hey Macarena!"

Did I mention I was in fifth grade in the 90s?

So many of the "war crimes" people cite, like destroying the Ocampan array, or killing Tuvix, come down to the show being at the 42 minute mark and this all needs to be wrapped up and reset back to the show's basic premise by minute 45. It's just another reflection of the poor planning on the show, like the never-ending supply of photon torpedoes.

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I'm so deep into this game, I'm doing the final A Realm Reborn leathworking quest and I recognize every single NPC that is judging my final work, and there's like six of them.

You know how Battlestar Galactica uses "Galactica Actual" or "Pegasus Actual" in communication to indicate the commanding officer of the vessel is speaking, without revealing their identity? Is that an actual naval military thing, or did BSG make that up?

I'm not always 100% into Waypoint stuff, but I love hearing Rob Zacny say things like "Not the most clever ruse de guerre, I must say."

It's the same issue I have with the whole "Janeway did war crimes" thing. Yeah, she did, and no one ever had a problem with it and it was always forgotten the next episode. So rather than characterizing her as a war criminal, isn't it more accurate to characterize her as "badly written?"

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I wish more people would dismiss the bad writing in Star Wars as bad writing and not try to make it mesh with everything else.

He would come back from the shower with his hair draped over his shoulder and running down the front of his body and I always wanted hair like that. I'm getting close, but let me tell you, having long hair is a huge pain in the ass.

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I was in college when the Lord of the Rings films came out, so it was inevitable that my tall, skinny roommate with hair down to his ass started being called Legolas and people called me Gimli.

Because I was short and fat.

People are great.

I don't actually own any hair ties or scrunchies, so since my hair got really long I've been pulling it back with rubber bands and bread bag twist ties.

One of my few big issues I have with Sekiro is the notes system (called Remnants) is so visually distracting. I like playing with them in other From games, but in Sekiro I turn them off.

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Star Wars prequel fan theory 

The Jedi are not and have never been celibate, but Obi Wan got such red flag vibes off Anakin pining for Padme in the beginning of Episode II, he made up the vow of celibacy on the spot to try and protect her.

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