I couldn't be a spy! I don't even like spies!

If I had a friend who was watching it for the first time, I'd rewatch it with them.

I would be very annoying though. I'd be all like "See that? that slimy looking paper mache thing that he's using to peak at the other players' cards? That's his DICK!"

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Maybe this will be the last in a series of posts I've been making about Babylon 5 lately, but I've never felt compelled to rewatch the show, even though it's been like 20 years. I remember it all so well still. I could tell you every episode where the Centauri tentacular genitalia appear without checking a wiki or anything.

An elven princess made me read her terrible vampire novel and because my character loves books, he's like "Wow! That's certainly a book! Incredible!"

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ai art 

my first query was “a cat using faceapp to see what it would look like as a dog” and I'm not sure what's going on here but it's certainly compelling

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evil hacker FIXES super mario to add a NEW dinoasaur called Yosh. you won't BNELIEVE what he's called

Are party. has been playing for an entire year at this point. We started in the southwest corner of the map and then followed the red line all the way to our current location.

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This is probably the most dangerous vehicle I've ever seen, straight up. Oh my god

"I don't see why we warrant such suspicion? We're just enjoying the market and commissioning tiny statues of each other like any visiting traveler might."

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Everyone in the party is broke except for me, and we're in a city shopping and everyone in the group is trying to convince me to buy stuff they need and I'm just like sure anything for you pumpkin.

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Just said a combination of words I never thought I'd say in a D&D game.

"Lizard Daddy says put it on my Amex."

My D&D group very graciously moved tonight's game online, which, y'know, I'm very touched they would do that for me, but also I'd be fine taking a break. Playing online uses a lot more energy than in person for me.

Everything I know about ska I learned from the Homestar Runner wiki.

I also found a video from BabCon '95 where Peter Jurasik spent 30 minutes answering fan questions while remaining in-character (and costume and makeup) as Londo Mollari which is frankly extraordinary. youtube.com/watch?v=_xfmOMqFQu

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I've been watching a lot of the Babylon 5 gag reels recently. I had never seen most of them before because they weren't intended for the public, they were produced for the cast and crew Christmas party.

It's really interesting to me that while a lot of the bloopers are the cast messing up a hard-to-pronounce line, almost all of Londo and G'kar's are comic ad-libbing, like when G'kar is a prisoner and London smuggles him in a pack of Wheat Thins. They were both amazing actors.

I'm really annoyed that my new keyboard, which was supposed to arrive today, has not.

Huh, the dictionary is telling me the meaning of nonplussed I intended for this post is informal and only used in North America. I feel like there's a story here.

Are you saying you don't look up fancy words after you use them to make sure you used them properly? What do you do? Look them up before? Like a nerd?

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I've never been more nonplussed at the arrival of my weekend.

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