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Since I'm stranded on a boat for 90 minutes, I went ahead and made a Srol Bingo card. I think I edited out most of the self hatred

I don't do crosswords, but I aspire to be someone who does.

My 13-year-old nephew just dyed his hair purple, making him much braver than me.

One of the earliest albums I remember as an album (as opposed to just a band or music) was Long Black Veil by the Chieftains. So many memories tied up in it.

Can you imagine if I posted about my brief DMB phase in the early 200s? How embarrassing!

I think I never feel more out of my depth and like I'm not staying in my lane than when I talk about music I like.

Which is ridiculous because it's my taste, I can't be "wrong." And yet, as I click post the voice in my head is screaming "YOU ASSHOLE YOU FUCKED UP"

I never listened to Toad during their initial run, I was a bit young at the time. But I came to really enjoy Glen Phillips' music during the early aughts when he did a lot of collabos with Nickel Creek.

Once or twice a year I end up asking myself the hard question: Do I like Toad the Wet Sprocket enough to see them live?

This post reserved for screams 

My mom found this birthday card I made my sister when I was a kid. It's rude as hell.

student loan realtalk 

student loan realtalk 

student loan realtalk 

Why does "Morning" as a greeting sound like the most natural thing you could say, while "Afternoon" is just the fuckest thing a person could say to another.


Your choices are

A) bar packed with office workers trying to relive their fraternity/sorority days.
b) bar that is completely empty so you have to spend the whole time making uncomfortable eye contact with the bartender
C) sit in one of those shitty metal chairs in Herald Square and zone out.

Today's the last Tuesday I have to awkwardly find something to do in Midtown between 5-7pm. And I'm so glad because it suuuuuucks.

Why did all the media of my childhood try to convince me ABBA and disco in general was bad when it is objectively Good.

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