I actually love this. Going for long road trips. I find it so relaxing

Back in New York City. Only for six hours. Then on the road again. Ah life

Well I would drive 300 miles
Then I won't drive 300 more
Because I'll be at the place I was trying to get to
It's 300 miles away
Da da da

Today I'm going to drive 300 miles and from the air it's going to look like I'm drawing a giant check mark across the Northeast

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I just discovered my cabin has a heater hidden in it. I froze last night for no reason!

I skipped dinner because I wasn't hungry. Camp has changed me.

Style it out to the left and the right

I participated in a friendly game of ball throw and my Fitbit thinks I might die.

Why is making an unfamiliar bed the most physically task in the world?

Any other Pixel 3 owners having a problem with their phone disconnecting from Wifi when the screen turns off. It's not a battery saver issue, the phone's connected to power.

Apparently you have to spend an hour running Windows update for every month you don't use a Surface Pro.

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Deep Space Nine rewatch season 5 - Nor the Battle to the Strong Show more

Deep Space Nine rewatch season 5 - Nor the Battle to the Strong Show more

Do you think you ever get the urge to lie down in zero g? Or does it feel like you're lying down all the time.

I bought the DS9 Fluxx edition so I can never play it with another human being ever.

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