I foolishly thought that they had just changed Alphinaud's voice actor because he's the only recurring character in the first few Heavensward quests. But looks like sometime between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, every voice part got recast.

It's probably less jarring if you're not doing all the content immediately and you have two years to forget what the characters sound like. But for me, it's super jarring, especially with voices I liked such as Raubann and Admiral Merlwyb

Mouth Dreams, poll 

What is a "cigarette wife"?

Weirdly excited to hear the original Return of the Jedi outro music.

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Boosts really appreciated because I'm curious!

Who is the *second* pro-skater you can name besides Tony Hawk? I'm especially interested if you don't really follow skateboarding, or like, aren't actively playing the new THPS right now

These albums can really expose your blind spots. You'll hear a lyric or melody and be like "Oh that's cool, what's that from" and then you check and it's a song *everybody* knows but you.

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LIstening to Mouth Dreams on my new speakers combined with the visualization feature on my LED hexagons and I think it's altering my brain chemistry.

Why do people who write about anime professionally -- even those with backgrounds in journalism -- hate indenting?

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Forget five boroughs. This looks like it might be tough to get anywhere except Brooklyn and Queens.

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Oddfellows did a collabo on ice cream flavors with Desus and Mero that looks so good (baconeggandcheese ice cream, be still my heart), but if you're not in the five boroughs, there's basically no way to responsibly get it currently.

Getting so many DMs on Twitter and Facebook replying to this photo asking if I'm OK. As if I have EVER been OK.

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Whatever willpower I had that was keeping me from buying crappy LED lamps has completely evaporated.

Historians will look back on this as the golden age of fan-animated Lemon Demon music videos.

At the risk of over-using this gif, it pretty accurately describes my relationship with xkcd

Afraid to hang up my hexagons. What if I destroy them in the process?

Weird to think that if I were a baseball player who was moderately successful, at my age, I'd be starting to think about retirement.

Don't mind me, just watching David Lynch's weather report for today and crying a little youtube.com/watch?v=LdWvE3YO_a

I love paintings where people are just leaning on a table thinkin like "I don't fucking know man"

I had one of those weird dozing off hallucinations where I suddenly thought my room was the set of the music video for Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity.

I used to actually get decent recommendations from Spotify Discover, but ever since I started listening to more showtunes, now all it throws at me are songs from musicals I don't like.

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