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Hi, my name is Patrick, but I usually go by Srol in internet communities. I'm a 30-something journalist living in NYC and I've been on the fediverse for about three years now.

I spend a lot of time yelling about the things I like: improv, science fiction and fantasy literature, Star Trek, musical theater, ramen, anime, furry shit, Undertale, goats, etc.

My day job is actually a night job, but I rarely talk about that on here. Look up my Twitter account if that interests you. (post 1 of 2)

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The instance I'm on,, was started by @wolfteeth as a small, closed-registration home for a few online friends. I'm told a mellified man is a mummy dipped in honey???????? There's only like 6 of us, so I reach far and wide to make friends on the Fediverse

I'm always open to having a chat on here, although I might be reluctant to follow back if you haven't made many posts or don't have a lot of info in your profile.

Anyway, hi, hello, how are you?

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I don't think I know more about cars from listening to Car Talk, but I do think it's given me a better appreciation for how mechanical devices work. And puns.

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I still need to listen to this one, but 'Here and Heaven' off the first Goat Rodeo album is still one of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm having Big, Indescribable Feelings

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Goat Rodeo released their second album, which is called "Not Our First Goat Rodeo" which may be one of the most perfect album titles ever.

I still listen to Car Talk a lot, just because it's a nice, positive, friendly sound to have in the background that doesn't give me any FOMO if I space out for 15 minutes and have no idea what they're talking about.

"My Body is Guilty But My Skeleton is Innocent!" is going to be the title of my first short story collection

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The appeal of Persona games is the power fantasy that you could attend school, maintain a social life and work a job all in a single day without burning out after one week.

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screenshot of an ad (with all logos and identifying info edited out) 

When you've got to file expense reports at 6 and then a rave at 7

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I'm getting ads now for super normcore plaid shirts like the kind you would wear to your office job that has a biz casual dress code


they glow in the dark

Your application for amnesty was granted, but only to your skeleton. The rest of you is still guilty.

I've gotten up to the final bits of Dark Souls III (not counting the DLC) and I can't tell if the lag from playing the game remotely has finally gotten insurmountable, or if I'm just sick of playing this game.

I still haven't decided how I feel about leaving, but that's just because the weather's cooled down. If it gets hot again I will leave with no regret.

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I thought adventure time's finale was a really good send off and that there was no reason to make any more. But people are saying good things about the distant lands bmo thing so I guess I'll watch it.

Right now.

Getting some incredible rain sounds right now.

Oh no, now Aron Eisenberg too. Too many dead Trek actors :(

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Okay, Star Trek Online, we've seen people with breasts wear Star Trek uniforms before. Many times in fact. It doesn't look like this.

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They gave me a Miranda class. I hereby resign from Starfleet. They're not going to Reliant me.

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You've heard of "Press F to pay respects" well now get ready for ...

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