My brain was bring very uncooperative tonight. I had missed the window when I usually cook dinner and it was shooting down every possibility

- can't cook a full meal, it's too late
- can't get takeout, we have food at home
- can't make a sandwich, I don't wanna
- can't skip it because I'm hongry.

And then something in my head suggested "french toast" and my brain didn't raise any objections so I cooked that french toast as fast as I could before my brain had the chance to change its mind.

I would love to do something tonight that isn't staying home alone or going out alone, but *vaguely gestures at everything*

I saw an article that pointed out that with the Activision-Blizzard acquisition, Microsoft now owns Zork 40 years after Bill Gates first tried to buy Infocom.

Also, I look in the mirror, I sigh and realize based purely on my vocal range and body type that they're probably going to make me be Le Fou and sing Gaston.

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I'm trying something a little bit outside my comfort zone. A friend is organizing a little informal cabaret performance of various musical theater villain songs, and I said yes. It seemed like it could be fun and a chance to perform a bit, something I've struggled to do in recent months.

But already I feel like there might be an enthusiasm gap between me and the organizer. It's been requested that we attend launch day in costume as our favorite villains and. Um. I don't own any costumes?

I got the pixie wings equipable item in FF14 and when my hrothgar character wears them it just looks like a really gnarly bug has landed on their back.

I want to be clear I'm not making fun of them, I'm the weird one who needs to adjust in this scenario.

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A person I recently started exchanging emails with for a project likes to include long emote actions in emails like.

*laughs and leaves in a shower of glitter*

I'm not opposed to dramatic exits, it's just email is not where I'm used to communicating like this.


How did I got all this on one cutting board?

My footsies are too hot in my panda slippers, but too cold with nothing on. conundrum

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Name: Askani
Origin story: Stork who got transformed into a cyber lady
Superpower: Baby delivered in 20 minutes or less or its free

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Name: Warlock
Origin story: Picasso painting come to life
Superpower: Can sense energy inefficient appliances.

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How about this: My favorite Marvel trading cards I owned in the 90s for characters I still know absolutely nothing about.

Dang, they're using those extra slow minutes this morning.

Email: Everyone introduce yourself to the group with a fun fact about yourself.

Me: *remembers every bad thing I've ever done or had done to me*

Me: My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!

I'm bringing back rucksacks. Pass it on. No, not my rucksack. Get your own.


See if you can follow my train of thought here.

Wordle 216 4/6


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