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Hi, my name's Patrick. I'm a 30-something journalist. You may have read this introduction to Mastodon I wrote for The Outline theoutline.com/post/2689/masto. These days, I'm a freelancer for CNN, although I almost never talk about work on this account.

I post more about my hobbies, like programming, baking, anime and science fiction/fantasy literature. I used to make Mastodon bots like @NintendoPowered and @Energy_Forecast

That's about it

I have now watched all The Good Place there is to watch.

There are some people I really like who I won't be able to keep up with if I don't use Twitter, but also I logged on tonight directly into some drama that wouldn't have been in my life otherwise and now I just feel awful

How am I supposed to be a spooky binch without spooky Oreos???????

I think I said out loud just now in which the meaning is exactly the dictionary definition of each word.

"Don't put your pills on top of my apples!"

Oh is it that time already for me to think about doing NaNoWriMo for two weeks and then forget about it completely on October 30th?

I've actually never seen a Euro in person? All the times I've been to France in the past they were still all about francs.

Getting ready for my trip to France by buying some money online. One of the weirdest sentences I've ever written.

Future flash mobs just to throw off the machine learning algorithms that govern our lives.

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Okay! New phone is finally all set up ...

... except for the work RSA token. I don't even know where to start with that one. I might have to *gulp* call tech support or something.

It's a joke, but also it's not a joke? Welcome to 2018.

I accidentally hit a picture in the Google Captcha thing that wasn't of a crosswalk, but it still let me through.

sooooo to anyone who gets hit by a self-driving car while walking in a crosswalk, sorry that's on me.

Changing phones is such a pain now that everything has 2fac. I wish there was an easier way to transfer them, but if there was it would probably be significantly less safe.

I think I got very used to the giant bezel on the original Pixel. The pixel 3 has a much much smaller one and I keep inadvertently hitting the home button.

New phone, so expect even Wilder typos and autocorrect bshenenaigans than usual.

Decided how I'm gonna spend my weird grip of free time. Will take a stroll across Central Park to the Frick Collection, which is pay what you want today.

Spotted in passing in a dream I had last night: A DVD for an anime called "I Want to Be a Space Butler Too!" That idea's free to a good home.

I have four hours to kill in NYC this afternoon after work but before improv class. Going home isn't an option and there are no movies out I want to see. Any suggestions on killing time?

Today I learned the name of the man who voiced Tony the Tiger, the Mr. Grinch song, the vacuum in The Brave Little Toaster and many other classic voice-over roles was THURL RAVENSCROFT which may be the most excellent name I've ever heard.