I've been going through the Save the Queen parts of FF14 the last two weeks and I'm sorry to say I'm not wild about it. One of my fave bits of the game is the matchmaking system, so why do they just throw it out the window here?

And usually if the gameplay is bad, I can fall back on the story, but the story is weird. Feels like in-game fanfiction, if that makes any sense. Plus the villains are some of the most flat and uninteresting ones in the series.

I was gonna get so much done today but then I spent the entire afternoon fighting with these fucking hexagons.

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After a day of intense negotiation, the hexagons have issued a complete and unconditional surrender.

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I'm fucking fighting with this Nanoleaf. I know this was probably designed to make me buy new connectors every time I took it down and put it back up, but I will not be cowed. I've gotten 5/7 hexes on the wall and working, these last two shall submit soon enough.

It's so funny to me that YouTube will think I want to build a new life around a video that I watched for half a second and then violently closed the tab.

I'm at a cafe really close to Columbia's campus and there's a couple on a date next to me. Apparently, there's a spree of grad students in their 40s pretending to be in their 20s and there's a lot of back and forth about proving each other's age.

Sometimes when I'm split on whether or not I want to go somewhere, I just start going somewhere but argue with myself the whole way there. That way, by the time I've made up my mind, I'm already there.

Look the sooner I have this place truly set up, the sooner I can cover it with orbs and crystals.

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Deltarune I guess chapter two spoilers but really just nonsense 

Searching for every twitter, tumblr and youtube comment disputing whether UT and DR characters have tails. IT'S CANON! THEY ALL HAVE TAILS! THEY ALL HAVE TAILS!

Idk what to do. Maybe put tape over one end so they don't just fall off completely?

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When I got my Nanoleaf LED hexagons last year, a lot of you expressed interest, and I told you that it was really easy to set up.

I need to give the caveat that it is a NIGHTMARE to set up a second time. The interlocking plastic tabs that connect the hexes lose a lot of their elasticity either over time or just from being disconnected once. I'm trying to get it back up on the wall now and it's going horribly. The hexes mount no problem but the tabs are just falling out onto the ground.

Sociologists now believe that the first child named "Jonathan Websites" has already been born.

Vinyl record player, singular. My apartment's barely big enough for just the noe.

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I couldn't tell you why today I suddenly decided to unpack my books, posters and vinyl record players. Maybe I finally became undepressed enough to not want to be surrounded by cardboard boxes.

What's the most embarrassing outfit you can receive a pizza deliveryperson in?

Keep in mind all poll options are actual outfits I have received a pizza deliveryperson in (the orange romper was 5 minutes ago). I'd say I died of embarrassment each time, but unfortunately I am still alive.

This thing I'm watching just had two characters knocked over by a magical force and they said "Huuungh" and "Huaah" respectively.

I think if that for real happened to me either I'd just make a loud painful wheez or make a very undignified noise like "FNEEEEER!"

It's so hard to work up the effort to revisit prematurely canceled shows knowing any kind of closure is impossible. It's the same reason I've never gone back to watch season 2 of Stargate Universe even though I really liked season 1.

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I remember thinking the pilot of Caprica was super ambitious, being a TV scifi live-action drama set in a completely alien world but no aliens or space battles or really many genre tropes at all. And then I never watched another episode of it so *shrug*

this stream got everything; gamer chair, purple room, mountain dewfuel, the whole abinet

Like I just made a cup of earl grey and I'm sitting next to the open window and letting the steam from the tea waft out onto the fire escape and it's so good.

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