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Since I'm stranded on a boat for 90 minutes, I went ahead and made a Srol Bingo card. I think I edited out most of the self hatred

Nyt states quiz 

Ugh, and then I had to see Executive Producer Steve Mnuchin in the credits

That was a lot of fun. Kinda like if you combined Dune with The Matrix, made it into an anime, then adapted it back to live action.

Also Channing Tatum's got like antigravity roller blades, so that's p cool.

Wow, there are just straight-up dragons in this movie huh

Alright 29 of you voted for Jupiter Ascending. I got my feet up and some ice cream, let's watch Jupiter Ascending.

Unless like 7 people vote for Speed Racer or Megamind in the next 45 minutes, looks like we're gonna Ascend to Jupiter.

I'm gonna watch a movie tonight that people keep telling me I should watch. Which one?

Replying to everyone posting "Didn't Neo die" to explain what an absolute fool they've just made of themselves.

(not really this is a joke I'm not a monster)

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just saw "komm susser tod howard" as a display name and i don't think i'll ever top that

There was something I was gonna toot and now I can't remember it. And it's preventing me from doing anything else.

I have a lot of respect for the Star Trek and Evangelion ui mods for Android that just make your phone completely unusable.

I ended up cranking out a sketch about a kid who's afraid voice actor John DiMaggio is under his bed.

I still have no ideas for my celebrity sketch and it's due tomorrow. I may have to just do something really really strange and then pick a random celebrity and put them in it.

I'd you're wondering how the Android news feed function is coming along, it definitely just tried to link me to a flash Star Trek soundboard

This toot was my way of saying I've bought a binder for all the furry sketches I've gotten over the years and I think I've misplaced a bunch of them.

I'm finally getting around to watching Good Omens and this show is so goddamn British

Weird that I keep losing things given my strategy of leaving items of sentimental value just lying around wherever.

I love upbeat songs with a simple piano accompaniment.

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I first watched Invader Zim in like 2006 because I was assigned to be roommates with an AU version of Dib in a Livejournal RPG and wanted to know what the hell was going on.

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