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Since I'm stranded on a boat for 90 minutes, I went ahead and made a Srol Bingo card. I think I edited out most of the self hatred

(the post went up, that's what's wrong)

If this post goes up, something has gone wrong.

You know it's cold out because I got the panda slippies on

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this is my mech 

Homestuck (early Pesterquest spoiler) 


Coworker: Did you see that CJR article?

Me: .........Carly .... Jae ..... Repsen?


I think some of the people I follow play video games.

I haven't followed baseball in years but a phrase as simple as "Cy Young award" can just unearth all these dusty file cabinets of trivia in my brain.

I really wish I could afford another Japan trip. I probably wouldn't even have to worry about jet lag, I already go to bed at 8pm Tokyo time.

I had never heard of Prescription for Sleep before, but I'm listening to their Undertale album now and it's the smoothest damn thing.

I hold a house-warming party. My guests arrive. There's no furniture, but crystals are hanging from the ceiling and the floor is littered in orbs.

As the prospect of moving out becomes more and more real, I begin to ponder how much of my budget I can set aside for decorative crystals.

Thinking of becoming one of those assholes who writes things down in a tiny notebook.

Spoilers for the ending of 22 Short Films About Springfield 

Also I don't know if it's because the service is slammed or what, but early episodes of The Simpsons loom awful on Disney+

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