Pumpkin spice Srolattè

Is tumblr dying for real? I feel like in the last month I get broken links more often or not whenever I visit.

@srol broken links how? it's basically about as stable as ever corporate-wise, and the attrition seems to be keeping pace with the growth, if you know where to look for it

@nightpool Like I've been browsing this page for ten minutes and my avatar is still the broken jpg symbol.

@srol haha weird. are you on ipv6, perhaps? tumblr asset servers seem to have a problem with ipv6 connections.

@nightpool @srol aren't they owned by a literal telecommunications company

@chr @srol to be fair, they weren't when they started having the problem.

@srol but yeah, there's definitely some turnover. it's not the most healthy for communities, but so far it seems to be holding steady in it's niche-social media position.

@nightpool I mean tumblr for me is a website I navigate to and it shows me pictures of furries wearing suits. I don't really care how the community or company is doing as long as that supply continues uninterrupted.

@srol the only furry tumblr I follow is outsidewolves.tumblr.com/ so I can't really speak to that haha

@nightpool I used to have a tag to document this phenomena, but I stopped tagging altogether because the post editor got so slow when I did imagoddamnfurry.tumblr.com/tag

@srol I don’t know, but these days I really only use it for posting my daily Pokemon and occasionally finding knitting patterns

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