Hi, my name's Patrick. I'm a 30-something journalist. You may have read this introduction to Mastodon I wrote for The Outline These days, I'm a freelancer for CNN, although I almost never talk about work on this account.

I post more about my hobbies, like programming, baking, anime and science fiction/fantasy literature. I used to make Mastodon bots like @NintendoPowered and @Energy_Forecast

That's about it

Should've put something in there about being a secret furry, but it's already the worst kept secret in the world.


secret, furry man!
secret, furry man!
he will give you a fursona
and take away your name 🎶

@srol @NintendoPowered @Energy_Forecast hey I think I joined Mastodon because of that Outline article! thanks, man!

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