The US Department of Energy in 2004 came up with a glyph based off of Edward Munch's "The Scream" that they proposed to use on nuclear waste sites as a way of warning future civilizations about the danger contained within.

There's nothing particularly sensitive about this glyph, I've just marked it as sensitive for dramatic effect.

This line of government thinking cracks me up. It's like Ozymandias looking at his statue and saying "Sure, it looks nice now. But how's it gonna look when it's two vast and trunkless legs of stone?"

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@srol or, if the container is upside down,,,

"oh this juice will turn you into a happy demon"

@srol tbf tbf this is a reasonable concern if the trunkless legs of stone can kill people and poison the earth if disturbed

@srol That glyph could mean anything!
"Make funny sounds by slapping you cheeks"
"Call all your friends to join you"
"Free blowjobs"
"You'll be amazed by what you will find here"

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