I've posted some weird promos that networks have used for Deep Space Nine over the years. This one however ... just watch it.

@srol also like sorry for the tangent but you know sometimes it seems like menswear hasn't changed much over the last century and then you see an old video with a guy in a big buckle-y trenchcoat and it's about as relatable as someone wearing breeches

@srol nah this is about par for the period, probably still 1993 or 1994

in a really twisted way, this is a snapshot of what it was like to experience things as an adult in the early ’90s, five minutes before the world wide web:

the absurd now was still just as absurd then, but there was just so much pop culture-jamming like this everywhere (to appeal to boomer viewers) that you just got numb to it

also see:
“coca cola classic, red white and you”

@srol That is amazing

I imagine the ad people came to meet with the DS9 people and they're like "We have lots of stock footage for whatever you need. Here's some footage we have of a man being jostled while walking on a busy sidewalk—"

DS9 people: Yeah, just use that, idc (leaves the room)

@srol This is absolutely wild. Like, is this a stock B-roll thing somebody at the network found and wrote a jingle for or what

@srol my favorite part is how this ad clearly establishes that Earth is in the Gamma quadrant.

@technomancy @srol If we look closely, the camera actually pulls out into inter-galactic space before falling into the wormhole.

Off the top of my head, I don't know how to reconcile that with what I know of DS9.

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