One thing I could not have foreseen 20 years ago is "The D&D episode" becoming a TV staple.

@k Off the top of my head:

My Little Pony
The I.T. Crowd
Big Bang Theory
Gravity Falls
Stranger Things
Rick & Morty
Freaks and Geeks

Interestingly, except for Stranger Things, all of these are animated shows or sitcoms.

@srol i'd argue that stranger things doesn't count in the sense that the whole show played off the d&d theme

@wolfteeth Fair enough. And there's a wide spectrum here ranging from "the entire episode is a D&D game" to "the entire episode is traveling inside a D&D game" to "it's just a regular episode they happen to play D&D during"

@srol @wolfteeth i wonder if hasbro pays for the product placement.

@LogicalDash I don't think so since so many of the shows are like "Check out this game Castles and Cravens" or something. I would think Hasbro would want the brand name in there.

But, on the other hand, at least one of the shows above is an actual Hasbro property, so maybe.

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