Dark Souls 1, I faced Artorias a few times and decided I'm not good enough yet, so I'm breaking from the game for now to practice in other games in this exact series/genre instead

This might be the threshold that gets me to ask a friend for help, but I'd like to test my skills against a wider variety of things and come back to this challenge before I decide I'm willing to call in people with more experience to push past it

Artorias is finally down, it required dozens of attempts but I was able to follow the patterns for long enough without choking. By the time I made it through I barely had to heal at all, which (IMO) is the platonic ideal for how this kind of difficult boss fight should go


@Lobst Good luck on the next boss. That one gave me more trouble than any other in the franchise.

@srol Oh, I've seen footage; it looks brutal, but I'm looking forward to experiencing it firsthand regardless

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