Thought it would be nice to wind down the evening with some TV or a movie, but apparently I've seen them all. Dang.

Whenever I get this thought, I put on an MST3k episode I've never seen before. Someday, I'm going to run out of MST3k episodes and I'm as scared of that as I am dying.


If you started the video game Wing Commander 3 from the DOS command line by typing "wc3.exe -mitchell" the at the start of every mission they'd play the clip from mst3k of Joel and the boys shouting "Mitchell" and then hitting control-w would instantly destroy whatever ship you had targeted.

If you started the video game Wing Commander 4 from the DOS command line by typing "wc4.exe -mitchell" it would just print "Mitchell doesn't work here anymore."

Now that this post is blowing up, I am actually getting low-key anxious with how this thread has no subject cohesion.

@srol I do remember starting WIng Commander 3 from DOS, but never did the Mitchell bit...damn now I want to go do that.

@srol i never actually played the 3rd wing commander game but i was completely enthralled with the first one and also mst3k, so this is all right on my wavelength.

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