Now that I've maxed out crafting and gathering in FF14, I wonder if it's time for me try Final Fantasy 6 again. I try to play it every five years or so. I've never had a problem with anything in the game, but for some reason it never sticks with me.

I have such a weird relationship with this franchise!

Ones I've tried: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13
Ones I've finished: 9, 10, 14 (so far), 15
Ones I've never touched in any form: 2, 4, 5,

@srol man it's so wild that you've finished 9 but not any of the SNES ones. 9 is *so* foundationally nostalgic for the SNES final fantasies it's surprising that someone without that fondness would enjoy it

@prophet_goddess With a few exceptions, I actually believed for a big part of my life I categorically did not like JRPGs. It was the combination of moving back to New York and having a commute + getting a PS Vita and later a Switch that opened me up to them.

@prophet_goddess This sounds bizarre to me now, but for a long time random battles just were a deal breaker for me. It wasn't the grind that bothered me. I loved Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. It was something about not being able to see enemies until you had no choice but to fight them was a huge pet peeve.

Now, I don't even care.

@srol it took me a while before i realized what made chrono trigger *so* special compared to every other jrpg I had ever played and i think it's just that chrono trigger's level and encounter design is *so much* better. combined with the excellent pacing of the game's narrative it really feels like playing a season of a great anime in a way that most other RPGs try for and fail.

@srol chrono trigger just had this revelatory idea of like, what if we hired level designers and let them put encounters in the levels by hand instead of doing it randomly, and in doing so created one of the greatest video games of all time, and the thing everyone took away from it is "wow every jrpg should have multiple endings"

@srol i have had a similarly fraught relationship with jrpgs, i like the *idea* of a lot of them much more than i like the experience of actually playing through most of them. i think maybe the only jrpgs i have ever actually fully enjoyed playing through are persona 3 and chrono trigger. everything else was a matter of like pushing through the frustrating parts using the compelling story and world bits as fuel

@prophet_goddess It's funny, playing Persona 3:Portable on my commute to grad school was the thing that made me think "Damn, maybe I do like JRPGs?"

@srol yeah i think the other thing is having like, a structure for your experience. most people who love jrpgs played them like, after getting home from school as a kid. and when i played persona 3 most recently, i played it as like a way to chill out after work. i think part of why i like persona 3 so much is that it's structured to very much encourage that style of play, other jrpgs *can* be played like that but usually don't get the pacing quite right

@prophet_goddess I do think I would never have had a JRPG renaissance if it wasn't for modern mobile gaming consoles having a suspend feature, where I could just indefinitely pause if I was sleepy or got to my train station or was getting weird looks from a creeper, etc.

@srol yeah absolutely, the nintendo DS and PSP were absolutely brilliant for RPGs. i haven't yet tried to play an RPG on the nintendo switch in portable mode, mostly because I don't have a commute that would justify it, but I bet it would work similarly.

@srol The PSP was where I played most of the like classic 90s JRPGs for the first time because I'd hacked it and put a bunch of emulators on there and quickly found that the absolute best stuff to play on it was old final fantasies and shin megami tenseis

@prophet_goddess Yeah, I didn't get to them until I had a Vita, but backwards compatibility was such that I benefitted a lot from all the PSP ports.

@srol 6 is my fave for sure. how far did you get into it? I guess you could say it takes a bit for the character development to kick in.

@technomancy I think the last part I left off was when you fight a martial arts guy who appears as a regular sprite at first, but when the fight begins he has the overly-detailed portrait all the enemies have.

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