The punchline in the bottom panel made me laugh harder than anything in the book so far.

As a teenager who spent part of my high school years in another country, the way everyone is *constantly* bringing up that Ranma just moved from China is extremely accurate.

When I returned from living in the UK, the kids at my American high school called me "London Broil" and later "LB" for years.

Sometimes I remember I never have to go to high school again and smile.

@srol i think you brought this up before and i think i mentioned then that that nickname makes you sound like a 30s gangster. it's still true.

@prophet_goddess They drew me in the school paper with a roast beef face holding my Malaysia Model UN placard. I hated that name so much.

@srol did you go to school with a bunch of nineteenth century political cartoonists??

@prophet_goddess Catholic all-boys school so certainly the morality and ethics were of that time hey-ooooh

@srol I remember as a kid my French grandmother would always introduce my as "her grandson from Norway" to anyone and everyone.

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