This Offbook song was so good, I had to clip it from the podcast and share. The fact that they were able to improvise, harmonize AND work in a key change in this silly ballad about email best practices is incredible.

It's been more than a month and I still have this song stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.

@srol oh wow. Oh, wow! I now have a new earworm. Look what You've done. Haha, don't listen to the podcast then, it's full of em!

@srol noted. Knowing me that would be a real and ever-present danger.

@srol I only discovered them recently, when they were on Dropout (the college humor streaming site), and I was mega impressed.

I still think about their "official cast recording" all the time. As someone who does musical improv myself, their rhyming game is so strong. We're taught that if you have the choice between making sense or making a rhyme, choose to make sense, and they nail both all the time.

@srol for real! the entire half hour episode that clip was from had less than a handful of lines that I would edit out.

It's wizardry!

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