If you're new to the Fediverse, here's what made the platform work for me: aggressively following and unfollowing new people.

Whatever standards you've built up on Twitter for deciding to follow someone, throw them out the window. Follow someone because they made a funny or insightful post. Follow someone because their bio says they like pesto. Follow someone because they have a cute fursona. Anything really.

Following is free. And if it doesn't work out, unfollowing is also free.

I swom to jom this wasn't me saying "hey follow me" but hello new folks. I spend a lot of time talking about fantasy & SF lit, Final Fantasy 14, Star Trek and long-form improv, but mostly it's just nonsense posts like "The true heart of the is friendship."

@srol This is exactly how I follow people on Twitter too tho, interestingly. Maybe it's just me, I feel like I got very selective on Twitter, focusing mainly on people and organizations I already knew IRL.

@srol @cothrige the culture is actually the opposite on here vs twitter. Twitter encourages following randos, while on here most people are set as approval only and are very selective about letting someone even see their posts

@neko @srol @cothrige It is what Twitter encourages but not necessarily how everyone does it.

There you have so many randos that you couldn't follow them all if you tried. :P And twitter keeps showing you more and more randos to follow, but here you have to put actual effort to find people to follow.

And yes, here it is also harder because people have boundaries, more reason to actively look for more people.

@eldaking @neko @srol Very interesting. Personally, I just take a rather loosey goosey approach. If people seem interesting, funny, intelligent or some other such thing I follow them. I really never gave it more consideration than that. And so I have naturally done the same things here and in other such sites, i.e. diaspora, etc. I just like interesting people or those who bring thoughtfulness to their comments.

@cothrige @neko @srol Yeah, it is just that I have seen friends struggle to find enough people to follow here, and it was not easy for me early on.

@eldaking @neko @srol I can understand how that could be. I don't have a lot of people I follow here or any that I know in any way really. But I only have like 70 followers on Twitter and mostly interact with random people really, so I don't feel all that different here. Though, I will admit the tone and atmosphere is different than over there.

@neko @srol That's interesting. I didn't realize that was a common attitude.

@srol This is how I've always operated on Twitter. Maybe I'm just weird.

@srol I don’t know that I’m quite so good at determining someone’s patterns in this way especially after a follow. Maybe they talk about video games but then, one day, they don’t. Let’s pretend it’s not something offensive but, instead, mildly off putting. After, they go right back and don’t deviate for months. Would I had unfollowed that first day, I would have missed the return. That’s how I’ve been running things on Twitter, though…

@ultramagnus_tcv if you're on the fence in any way, you can make a note on the person's account. It's only visible to you and can be a good place to remind yourself 6 months from now how you've felt in the past about someone you run into again @srol

@srol wait... you mean my every action isn't being inspected by an algorithm that decides what content I'm fed? I can just follow and unfollow without worrying about the algorithm getting weird ideas? This place keeps getting better.

Remembering a philosophy from the old days of Google+ (way better then Facebook ever was or will be): If your friends don't want to get there, maybe you'll need some new friends. Oh yeah, and when you look at your timeline 3 weeks later, you'll wonder "why did I follow so many people" and then just unfollow most of them. xD

At least how I did it for years.

@srol I've dropped in and out of Mastodon for over a year on different acounts, because I found it so hard to find people! 😄

But this time I will try more actively to find people, as you suggested! I hope I'll find my tribe here. Thank you for the tip!

@srol I used to do that with Twitter and somewhere along the way my timeline got bloated, full of noise, and I lost my way. Thanks for the reminder that we can be more intentional with the media we consume!

@srol This is why #god gave us the #hometimeline instead of #latesttimelinegarbage because we cannot choose our social medias for ourselves!! SO GLAD we are stripped of religion here, there is no heirarchy deciding we can or shant not view funny pasta elon! 😅😅😅 #truly #free

@srol After experiencing Mastodon, twitter feels like a clown show to me.

@srol As a longtime user, I don't find following to be that cheap: My timeline easily gets overwhelmed. But for new users, great advice! It takes a while to get to the place I'm at...

@srol I like this strategy! I think that might be exactly what I need!

@srol I'd also suggest: you can hide boosts (retweets) or show them again easily!

I aggressively hide boosts from folks just to try to keep my Home timeline manageable, but I usually look through someone's profile and may leave boosts on for folks who don't seem to boost very often.

@srol this is what ive been doing on twitter, tumblr, tiktok, IG, for years, since i was a teenager and it always made my experience better. just following a shit ton of people who seem interesting and letting the content flow, and unfollowing if im no longer interested. i also see less drama lol

@srol This is my first attempt at Mastodon. Here, here. You're going to be my first follow.

@srol I can confirm that this works well. I did it on twitter and I ended up with a timeline full of interesting stuff. I've even followed/unfollowed the same person multiple times. Have fun and it will be fine. :)

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