I got to d&d late and found my party members and the GM in a heated debate over whether a toilet could be a divination focus for scrying.

"the rules say it has to be a font of holy water worth 1,000 gp or more and this is the KING'S TOILET!"

@srol I guess this comes down to a matter of whether or not the campaign world recognizes the divine right of kings as to whether or not it's HOLY water?

@Ferrovore actually the cleric who has raised this issue can turn any water into holy water. Much like Catholic priests irl.

@srol You know, I could see arguments for this on either side, though in this case I'd lean towards it not being a vessel either 1) initially designed to house holy water or 2) intended to remain as a primary source of holy water (or, if abandoned, allowing nature to reclaim it at its own pace; the royal bottom is not "nature").

If they plan to relocate the toilet and use it as a potty-shaped anointing font for future rituals instead of its initial purpose, this changes EVERYTHING.

@Ferrovore so the toilet was removed from the castle on a previous adventure, and the player in question is a Firbold and has been lugging it around for like five sessions now.

The GM has made the ruling that this could work if you found a way to keep the water from immediately draining out of the now-disconnected toilet.

@srol Dungeons and Dragons truly is a game of wonders limited only by the imagination.

@srol @Ferrovore > the toilet was removed from the castle on a previous adventure

I need to sit in on your table for a session

@k @Ferrovore so I actually missed that session. I came back and Roke just had this Toilet hoisted on his shoulder that he was carrying everywhere.

I should add the toilet also has a one-way portal at the bottom to one of the nine hells.

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