I've never been more nonplussed at the arrival of my weekend.


Huh, the dictionary is telling me the meaning of nonplussed I intended for this post is informal and only used in North America. I feel like there's a story here.

Are you saying you don't look up fancy words after you use them to make sure you used them properly? What do you do? Look them up before? Like a nerd?

@srol I just hunted down the dictionary and consumed it whole when I was young.

That's why there's no Webster's Fourth New International Dictionary. The publisher just has it marked down as 'eaten by a wild fox kit.'

(Actually I just got seriously into etymology as a kid and would read big swaths of the dictionary.)

@srol I am nonplussed by it meaning both itself and its opposite, regionally. 😓😓😓

@srol wait what does it mean formally and/or on other continents?? Your meaning is the only one I know, he added, nonplussed.

@eqe the dictionary said "surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react." The North American (informal) definition is "not disconcerted; unperturbed." Similar, but not the same.

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